Massage Guns

Tired Of Foam Rollin.. Thera, Hyper, Hydra..whatever brand – Gun, is the hot new therapy and performance trend. Whether it’s the gym, basketball courts, therapy clinics, or my sisters living room, seems like everyone is jack-hammering their legs, shoulders, buttocks and anywhere else to find relief. The next generation of heating pad, stretch routine, massage, […]

Perfecting these 3 Top Sleep Tips

“Sleep is not a privilege, it’s the body’s RIGHT!” – Sanjeev Javia   Weighted blankets, sleepy time teas, noise machines, sleep apps, and dozens of other sleep hacks have been sold to us to put us to sleep. To be honest, I’ve tried, and I’m currently using, several! But if you follow the research, there are […]

Tight & Stiff Muscles

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water” – Bruce Lee Ahh to be “shapeless”, “formless”, I’d feel so flexible. I hardly feel that way. My knees ache when I bend down (and get up!), I do a series of exercises just to tie my shoes, and things that I “used to do” all the time […]

Chronotype Optimization

The “Early Bird” doesn’t always get the worm.. Oddly enough, even as a kid, I was always an early morning riser.  So, when my Dad yanked the sheets off the bed on the weekends, I didn’t mind…as much. Now that sleep has finally got its “medicinal due”, we’re learning more and more about how to […]

Bengay, IcyHot, TigerBalm Creams

BenWhy, IcyNOT, TigerBUST..??? My knees, my lower back, my shoulder, AYE YAI YAI…playing a few extra sets of tennis, carrying (mostly unneeded) Costco groceries from my car, sleeping wrong, it seems no movement is safe anymore (am I getting old??). Life IS a PAIN! Most of us have been there or ARE there and we’ve […]

Fish Oils (Omega 3)

Who wants to go fishing?  Fish oils, specifically Omega 3, have been one of my core supplements for years. Although I eat fish every week, the research surrounding healthy fats, specifically Omega 3 has been significant. Whether it’s brain health (8% of your brain is made up for Omega 3), reducing inflammation, joint health, even […]

Celery Juice

Are those “ants” (raisins) marching over a health cliff.. When I think of celery, I think of smeared peanut butter topped off with a row of raisins, the sidekick to buffalo wings (btw-how the heck, did that ever start??), and chicken salad. What I don’t think of is..a cure for Autoimmune Diseases, Acne, Chronic Fatigue, […]


Miracle Magnesium… Without Magnesium, 300 biochemical switches don’t get turned on.  Yikes! From nerve function, muscle contraction, immune system defense, strong bones, keeping your heartbeat steady…and if that wasn’t enough, it adjusts the sugar levels in your blood so you don’t destroy your blood vessels after a can of Coke! You might have used magnesium […]


Get Collagen Crazy From the Greek word for “glue”, Collagen certainly lives up to its name. Making up over 30% of all the protein in the body, it can be found everyone from our skin to our cells. But as we age, we begin to not only break down the Collagen we have, but we […]


Zinc has become the new Vitamin C.. How did Zinc become the Ultimate Warrior of colds…and now COVID? It started in the early 1980’s when a study was published that showed Zinc kept people from getting sick. Zinc seemed to prevent viruses from multiplying and getting stuck in places like the throat and nose.  With […]