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How to Make CBD Tinctures

Here at PRōZE we are all about giving our PRōs the tools they need to live their lives to the absolute max. That means offering dope products to help give calm/focus/chill/relief/good vibes or as is this case with our higher education blogs, giving them information to help them take control. This time on PRōZE  we are talking about how to make CBD tinctures like our own SHIELD.

How to Make CBD Tinctures

First let’s talk about what CBD tinctures are in the first place. Some folks don’t know what it is we’re even talking about!

What Even Is a Tincture?

A tincture is an extract of plants or animal material that is then dissolved, usually in a combination of alcohol and water solvent. Tinctures were a common practice in medicine for centuries as a way to distill the material into its beneficial components and keep it for a time. It is then consumed orally as a liquid with high concentration of medicine, typically using a dropper placed under the tongue. Why under the tongue? Well the arterial artery that runs beneath your tongue will absorb the tincture and put the medicine into the bloodstream faster than if it had to go through the digestive tract and then into the bloodstream.

As you can imagine then, a CBD tincture is a tincture made from concentrated hemp plant material.  

Benefits of CBD Tinctures

The benefit of using CBD tinctures is similar to using CBD or broad spectrum hemp extracts in general. The tincture delivers a concentrated dose of beneficial compounds to deliver the desired effect. 

For instance, our SHIELD tincture is lovingly crafted to deliver balance, relief, and peace, as it supports your immune system, enriches your body’s concentrations of antioxidants, and helps combat stress.

A Note ON PRōZE Practices:

Here at PRōZE, our products are built on the foundation of synergistic formulations.We formulate our tincture with broad hemp extract which includes phytocannabinoids, terpene, flavonoid rich oil, and yes CBD but we also work in Reishi mushroom, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric. CBD is great, but using it in conjunction with other powerful herbs, vitamins, and other ingredients delivers a more potent treatment.


Okay, Okay, So How Do You Make a CBD Tincture?

To make your own CBD tincture you’ll first need to gather your materials.

  •  source your CBD rich hemp, ⅛ oz
  • 2 oz of pure grain 190 proof alcohol (not rubbing alcohol)
  • 1 jar or container
  • Coffee filters
  • Measured dropper

Make the Tincture

Step 1

Grind down the hemp til fine

Step 2

Decarboxylate the ground hemp

Step 3

Combine ground hemp and alcohol into jar or container. Cover.

Step 4

Allow container to sit for 3 weeks, shaking container once a day.

Step 5

Using the filters, remove the excess plant matter from the liquid.

While those five steps might not seem like much, there are a few hurdles for most folks. The decarboxylation process is a process unto itself. There’s also the trouble with getting your own CBD rich hemp, especially as in many states it is yet illegal. This process also will get you a CBD based tincture, which has it’s benefits but not the enhanced synergistic formulation as made by our CEO + Formulator Sanjeev Javia.

Want to try out a CBD based tincture for yourself? Head over to the Shop and see what we have on offer. We work CBD into our products from a synergistic point of view, supporting and enhancing it’s potential with other herbs to get the best result for our PRōs!

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