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Dan O’Brien

One of the finest decathletes the world has ever known, O’Brien is tied with 1968 Olympic gold medalist and fellow Hall of Famer Bill Toomey and Tom Pappas with the most U.S. national 10-event titles ever with five. O’Brien captured his own Olympic gold medal at the 1996 Games in Atlanta with 8,824 points for his 11th consecutive decathlon win since September 1992. He avenged a no-height performance in the pole vault at the 1992 Olympic Trials – which kept him off the U.S. Olympic team – to set the then world record later in the year of 8,891 points in Talence, France, bettering his previous WR of 8,812 set in 1991.

The world decathlon champion in 1991, 1993 & 1995, O’Brien earned the year-end world #1 ranking from Track & Field News on six occasions and finished in the top ten of T&FN’s World Athlete of the Year voting four times during his career. O’Brien was inducted into the National Track & Field Hall of Fame in 2006.

Since retiring, O’Brien has worked as a TV commentator for major networks including NBC SPorts and is regularly involved with USATF as either an on-field emcee or commentator on USATF.TV. He’s also a coach, personal trainer and motivational speaker.

Decathlon – 8891 pts.

Records Held
World Record: Decathlon – 8891 pts. (September 5, 1992 – July 4, 1999)

1996 Olympic Games: Decathlon – 8824 pts. (1st)
1991 World Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8812 pts. (1st)
1993 World Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8817 pts. (1st)
1995 World Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8695 pts. (1st)
1991 USA Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8844 pts. (1st)
1993 USA Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8331 pts. (1st)
1994 USA Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8707 pts. (1st)
1995 USA Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8682 pts. (1st)
1996 USA Outdoor Championships: Decathlon – 8726 pts. (1st)