Oat Milk

If ordering Starbucks for my friends wasn’t difficult enough with all the coffee, flavor, brewing methods, now I’ve got a menu of milks! Who would have thought udders and teats are found on Almonds, Coconuts, Cashews, and now…Oats?!? Just joking, no teats on those nuts 😉 But apparently you can get a version of milk […]

Health Benefits of Sourdough

The quarantine of COVID was a boom for Netflix, Amazon shopping, Zoom…and Sourdough! What was once just a type of English muffin became a baking phenomenon. The revival of the medieval sourdough, the oldest and original form of leavened bread. The Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with it, the San Franciscans claimed it during the 1800’s […]

 Cardio For Weight Loss

I’ve upped my cardio, but can’t seem to lose much weight, what’s happening? – Tony L. Stop All That Cardio!  Ok, I’m going to save you from the “blah-blah-blah” regarding the molecular underpinnings of exercise, fat breakdown and utilization, and hormonal cascades that relate to hunger, fat storage/release, and metabolism…and keep it simple. Look around […]

The Food Compass

It’s all over social media, the FDA said Lucky Charms is healthier than ground beef, how? – Greg M. Lucky Charms is magical, but not that magical! Sorry, the FDA did NOT rank Lucky Charms healthier than ground beef, whole milk, or wheat bread. The graph below, is NOT the new food pyramid, it’s actually […]

Which Vitamin C to take

Vitamin C seems to come in so many forms, which one is the best? – Carol S.  In short…doesn’t really matter! Vitamin C is one, if not THE most popular single Vitamin supplement that individuals take.   Emergen-C, tasty gummies, fizz drinks, whether it’s for optimal health or when you’re feeling sick, Vitamin C is the […]

The Carnivore Diet

We’ve gone from Low-Fat, The Zone, Atkins, Paleo, Keto and like a bull in a kitchen, here comes the Carnivore Diet. Remember when eating all the fat you wanted was the Diet Du Jour (Keto)? Well imagine eating steak, chicken, fish, ribs, and any other animal product you can get your hands on for breakfast, […]

Optimizing your Olive Oil

Do you have your Olive Oil conveniently located right by your stove top? Do you use one of those fancy glass bottles (with all the shapes of olives on it) to store your olive oil, refilling it halfway, so it looks nice? Well, STOP! You’re hurting this delicate, versatile, healthy oil.  With all the wonderful […]

Do you need Liquid IV?

Hydration Multiplier  Hydration has finally received its well-deserve 15min of fame.  The body is 60% water, your muscles are 80%, besides air, lack of water is the next thing that’s gonna kill you. So it’s no wonder that products like Liquid I.V. have exploded. Most people don’t drink enough water and when they see an […]

Reading Supplement Labels

Remember, I’m a Formulator.. 20 years, 200+ products, 6 different companies – owned or the lead Formulator, I know a “bit or two” about supplements. Not only have I learned what to do, but I’ve learned, what NOT to do. Although the regulations are much tighter than what is perceived, the supplement industry can be […]

Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter

Q: Almond Butter can be around 3x more expensive than Peanut Butter, is it worth the expense?  – Marisol R.  A: Not to me.. But maybe to you, primarily based on taste!  Both butters have the same type of nutrients – Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, vitamins and minerals, so nothing new or missing from each of […]