Dr. Santosh Rao

Medical Oncologist
Medical Director of Integrative Medicine and Supportive Oncology

Molly Galbraith

Girls Gone Strong Co-Founder
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dr. Sean Drake

Chiropractic Medicine
Founder of Athletes Chiropractic

Dr. Ruchir Patel

Practice Founder and Medical Director of The Insomnia and Sleep Institute of Arizona

Beating The Cold & Flu

Who are you betting on this year? You or the Cold & Flu?  I’m taking Cold & Flu..EVERYTIME! Do you honestly think you’ll be able to fight off hundreds of attacking strains, that can adapt and change with every infection, and can live on doorknobs, counters, wherever for days?!? Avoiding the Cold & Flu is […]

#1 Nutrient – FIBER!

I get it, it’s NOT sexy. You’d rather have some exotic superfruit, ancient spice, or Amazonian plant, but there is no other nutrient more important to focus on each day than FIBER. Weight loss, diabetes, heart health, cancer, you name it, eating more Fiber has shown to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your health in all these areas. […]

Exercising The Brain

It’s easy to see the results of exercise on your hips, stomach…and biceps. But what’s less visible, but even more important, is the huge influence it has on your brain. The structure of the brain, how it functions, the repair, the growth, how it adapts to stress are all enhanced by physical exercise. Finishing a […]

Juice Cleanses

It’s all the rage, from celebrities to internet fitness guru’s, juice your way out of illness or into those skinny jeans (does anyone wear those anymore?!?). Seems logical, take the two most powerful food groups, fruits and vegetables (the latter most people don’t like to eat), and squeeze them into a palatable tasting glass or […]

Too Much Fruit

Seems like if there is one truth in all nutritional science and mothers-around-the-world advice, it’s; eat your fruits and vegetables. However, some people hear, “you can choose, fruits and vegetables are the same”…ahh, they are not. Fruits have a LOT more sugar than veggies. And we all know that too much sugar is bad for […]

Healthy Eggnog

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark & Cousin Eddie, a moose cup filled with eggnog, and turtlenecks, ahh it’s Christmas! Eggnog is a bit “iffy” though. Sure, my parents would make it without the alcohol, but it just seemed so wrong, raw eggs, yolks, what else is even in there?! But when you really “sip” into […]