Optimizing your Olive Oil

Do you have your Olive Oil conveniently located right by your stove top? Do you use one of those fancy glass bottles (with all the shapes of olives on it) to store your olive oil, refilling it halfway, so it looks nice? Well, STOP! You’re hurting this delicate, versatile, healthy oil.  With all the wonderful […]

Do you need Liquid IV?

Hydration Multiplier  Hydration has finally received its well-deserve 15min of fame.  The body is 60% water, your muscles are 80%, besides air, lack of water is the next thing that’s gonna kill you. So it’s no wonder that products like Liquid I.V. have exploded. Most people don’t drink enough water and when they see an […]

Reading Supplement Labels

Remember, I’m a Formulator.. 20 years, 200+ products, 6 different companies – owned or the lead Formulator, I know a “bit or two” about supplements. Not only have I learned what to do, but I’ve learned, what NOT to do. Although the regulations are much tighter than what is perceived, the supplement industry can be […]

Peanut Butter vs. Almond Butter

Q: Almond Butter can be around 3x more expensive than Peanut Butter, is it worth the expense?  – Marisol R.  A: Not to me.. But maybe to you, primarily based on taste!  Both butters have the same type of nutrients – Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, vitamins and minerals, so nothing new or missing from each of […]


Wave Off The Microwave? The invention of the microwave in 1945 might have made Betty Crocker roll in her grave. But since then, over 97% of households, including mine, in the US have a microwave. They are fast, convenient, easy to use, perfect when you’re on-the-go or just-got-back-from-the-bar. But these focused beams of microwave emissions […]

Protein – Weight Loss Best Friend

There are many tools you can use to lose weight. Exercise, calories, diets, supplements, the list goes on and on. But, to me, there is no easier tool to focus on than eating enough, healthy forms of PROTEIN. Protein not only feeds your body what it needs to lose weight, but it allows it to […]

Is 100% RDA Enough?

“I will see foods, and especially supplements that have more than 100% of the RDA of a certain nutrient, sometimes even in the thousands (Vitamin B12 – 1,000mcg = 41,667% of RDA!), is this safe?“ Yes! For most nutrients… The RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance, which also directly compares to the DV %, Daily Value, is […]

The Value of Multivitamins

Come Get Your Flintstones Multivitamins (and minerals) are the most taken supplement in the US. Whether its kids begging for their candy tasting Flintstones or Seniors on Centrum, they have become the insurance policy to bad diets and poor eating habits. But are they doing us any good? Do we need them if we eat […]

Sea Moss For Weight Loss

TikTok Weight Loss TikTok ushers in the new, miracle weight loss solution – Sea Moss. Videos, health influencers, even celebrities (surprise, even Kardashian) are touting the weight loss trend, “Eat Moss For Weight Loss!”. Just like any new ingredient, it has a whole lot of tradition, some logic, and a bit of research/science, the prefect […]

Specialty Salts

Are “specialty” salts like Himalayan, Celtic, Sea Salt healthier than regular table salt? – Ann P.  No.  Specialty or gourmet salts from ancient mineral deposits have become quite popular. You’ll see some popular ones like Sea, Rock, Himalayan, Celtic, and Black Salts in most stores, while Grey, Cyprus Black, Smoke show up on restaurant menus.  […]