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The plant world has a plethora of elements that can support and heal the body, at a cellular level. Cannabinoids are one of the gifts of mother nature. Cannabis is rich with cannabinoids. And cannabinoids are botanical magic for us. Cannabinoids are natural compounds and molecules of hemp oil that are extracted from the hemp plant. [...]


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No one wants to get sick. The runny nose, sore throat, and the aching body are all feelings that can bring down anyone’s day. To avoid catching the common cold, people take many precautions, such as vitamin C tablets and drinking lots of water. In the unfortunate circumstance that you do get sick, many over-the-counter [...]


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Do you ever wonder what is truly going on inside your body? The human body has a conglomeration of systems and reactions constantly working in order to keep us alive and healthy (YAY). However, these systems are often hard to understand and take a lot of background knowledge. So lets just start with one, the [...]

Spectrums, Explained.

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Does all the talk of SPECTRUMS when it comes to CBD have you seeing red? Let's try to clear things up so you have a better understanding of the hemp lexicon and feel empowered to make a more educated buying decision. Ultimately, choosing a product based on spectrum has a lot to do with personal [...]


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NOBODY likes the aches and pains of everyday life or the muscle soreness you get from going too hard in cycle class. So plain and simple, it is a “no” for pain over here. Currently, there are several products that exist to aid in pain management and muscle soreness. NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are [...]


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We all have read about the endless benefits of CBD, which leads us to wonder, how do I maximize CBD effectiveness? One of the main questions following, should CBD be taken with food or on an empty stomach? There are several opinions, some are “go for it” folk, others feel there is no effect. As we [...]


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E V E R Y T H I N G  was on track. It was another great day It was 1976, I was 20. Soon to be a college graduate, and start the career I always dreamt of, a veterinarian. It was a Monday, I was coasting in my convertible with two of my buds [...]


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Do you ever search for answers on the internet and just end up even more confused? SAME. While I don’t have the answers to everything, I do have some answers to the top myths about CBD. In Adam Savage's (from Mythbusters) words, “I reject your reality and substitute my own”. Let's go debunking! MYTH #1 CBD [...]