Let’s Get Electric!  If you’re a health enthusiasts or concerned Mom, you’ve probably heard about how terrible Gatorade is for you. The sugar, the sugar, the SHUGaaa! A whopping 35+ grams in some versions. But hold on, that’s only 30grams of the story, what about the Electrolytes? A much smaller amount (milligrams), these little mineral […]

Tart Cherries

Cherry Pie by (glam metal band) Warrant – 1991 I’m a very functional eater. Usually I choose foods based on their nutrient value vs. taste. Most of the time I’m on the “bitter” end (Kale vs. Iceberg Lettuce), but sometimes I come up on top, like with Cherries! I love Cherries! And though I’m not […]

Impossible Burger

The Vegan Burger..without the “Veg”?!? First off, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but I probably eat more vegetables than 99% of them. Seems like more vege-whatevers are more interested in staying away from meat rather than consuming vegetables (which if you don’t know, are two separate things). The last few years, veggie burgers (without […]

SuperNutrient – Sulforaphane

We’re all aware of how awesome vegetables are for our health. My favorites are broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, yellow squash, mushrooms, onions (ok, ok, basically all except eggplant!). And we talk a lot about what to eat, but we also need to understand how best to eat them. If we learn that, we’ll know how […]

Weight vs. Body Composition

Go Beyond The Scale   If you’re like me, stepping on my weight scale is reminiscent of opening my report card. I peek at it slowly, carefully, and say a little prayer right before I see the full “grade”. But just as grades don’t matter to me anymore (I’m 20+ yrs out of college!), either does […]

 2 Tips For Diabesity

So a guy walks into a convention… This past weekend, I was reppin one of my new brands, TapOut Drinks (www.drinktapout) – shameless plug, at a fitness convention.  A guy walks up to our booth and says, “you have any sugar free versions, I was just diagnosed with Diabetes”. Fortunately, I had (3) flavors I […]

 Cardio Before Weights

The Cardio (🐔) Or The Weights (🥚)? For those of you that don’t realize the importance of doing both, realize it now! Without muscle, you won’t be moving your body anywhere, and without a heart that has endurance, you’ll be tired after your 3rd rep. You need strong biceps and a healthy heart to live […]

 The Power Of Protein

Pack On That Protein! You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to realize how incredibly important Protein is to the longevity, and most importantly to the QUALITY of your life. Think about it. Your quality of life is largely determined by what you can physically (have the strength) to do, you need your muscles (your […]

Butter – Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed?

The Battle Of The Butters!  Butter is back! Since the popularity of high-fat diets like Keto and food trends like putting butter in your coffee, butter has staged a massive comeback. Not only that, but we’ve also begun to understand that the devilish saturated fat, the fat found in butter, and Cholesterol are not as […]

Veggies – Cooked Vs. Raw?

The Veggie Dilemma… If eating your vegetables wasn’t hard (or enjoyable) enough, now there’s a debate on how to eat them, Raw vs Cooked. I’ve seen and experienced it all. My friend went all raw and relieved her painful bouts of Endometriosis. I once ate 90% of my veggies raw and ended up with stomach […]