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PRōZE 101 – How to Use CBD To Increase Your Performance

This month on the blog we have been talking a lot about the basics of CBD, how it’s made and how it can help you. We want to make sure our readers have a solid foundation of knowledge, there’s a lot of myths and misinformation out there. We’re all about sharing the knowledge, and knowledge is power! Now let’s take a look at the different ways to use CBD to increase your performance in life.

Previously, we’ve talked at length on the different forms CBD can come in: oils, creams, edibles, so we won’t be diving too deep into that. Rather we mean the actual ways to use the CBD products for maximum benefit. Let’s get right into it.

How to Use CBD?

The way you use your CBD will depend on the form it comes in, as well as the formulation it is a part of, and the result you are hoping to get. Here are some things to use CBD for…

For Better Workouts

If you are using our NERVE pain relief cream for instance, you are going to be using the CBD in a topical cream so get a few pumps and gently rub the CBD cream onto the affected area. If applied before a workout, you will want to use it 5-10 minutes before hand to help enhance circulation to the area. You can use the cream after a workout to promote faster recovery, again thanks to the enhanced circulation. You can also use it immediately at the first sign of discomfort! 

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For Better Focus

One of CBD’s great uses is in promoting focus and concentration. CBD can be infused into edibles like our GUMEEZ, meaning you can use it just about whenever you want to gain get yourself focused on the task at hand. Simply chew and allow the CBD to promote concentration, focus, and mindful energy. 

For Better Immune Health

If you are looking to boost your immune health, there’s no set time to follow! Simply support your body like you would any other vitamin or supplement plan, and stick to a regular use. Our immune and inflammatory response booster SHIELD is a daily dropper. Simply take one full dropper under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Wait a few minutes to drink anything to ensure you’re getting the full benefit! When you first begin using SHIELD, or any other immune supplement, it’s common for people to go for a ‘loading’ dose, or taking the daily dropper multiple times a day for the first week or so to turbocharge their body’s ECS

For Better Rest, Relaxation

CBD can promote feelings of calm and relaxation. In our NODZZZ product formulation, we used CBD as the backbone of a total comprehensive sleep aid. CBD, supported with melatonin, Valerian root, and other herbs and spices all come together to promote better, deeper sleep. As you get ready for bed, spray three to six times in your mouth (under the tongue is best) 10 to 15 minutes before bed, or immediately after a stress inducing event or situation. The combination of CBD and relaxation promoting hormones, herbal supplements, and spices can help you get yourself centered, faster.


Okay, that might sound a bit strange, ‘Use CBD Consciously,’ but hear us out! Our products have a specific amount of CBD per dosage, every time. The GUMEEZ for instance are evenly infused with 25mg of CBD per piece, so if you find that 25mg isn’t enough for you per use, you can cut another in half and adjust your dosage based off what feels the best and enhances your performance.

You may also not notice results immediately. For instance, our NODZZZ mist can be effective immediately, or take several days, even up to two weeks to really give you the effects you’re looking for, this is known. Everyone’s health is in a unique state, some may be having an incredible deficiency while others are overly stressed and still others are just looking for a more relaxed sleep. In this case, NODZZZ can take wildly different amounts of time to help

Ready to take your daily performance to the next level? Look at what kinds of things you are looking to better and make that change! Here at PRōZE we are constantly fine-tuning new formulations to bring better health, better performance, and better living to our Posse. We’ll see you next time on the blog, and if you want to ask any questions feel free to hit that chatbox at the bottom right. We love sharing the journey!


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