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 AUTHOR: DR. ARA SUPPIAH, ER & Functional Medicine, Golf Channel Medical Expert

Looking at the graphic, we can see that we are mostly made of water, especially our eyes and brain. The body requires water for maximum function. Dehydration means that the body is unbalanced and can hinder performance. In various studies, 2% dehydration (that means you lose 2% of your body weight) causes almost a 10% drop in performance. But here is the kicker – at 2% dehydration, you don’t cramp and you may not even feel thirsty. However,  at this level of dehydration you give up mental alertness, the ability to stay calm, focused, and to see things clearly because your brain and eyes take the hit first. SO PRō TIP: HYDRATE BEFORE SYMPTOMS ARISE.

What and when should I drink?

General rule : Drink at least half your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water. 

  • If you are training for less than 1 hour: Spring water is enough.
  • If you are training for 1-3 hours: You need to replenish glycogen – use spring water with a little coconut water.
  • If you are training beyond 3 hours: Spring water, coconut water, and add celtic sea salt. 


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