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Dr. James Rouse

Dr. James Rouse is a primary care trained integrative clinician; and expert in epigenetics, functionalregenerative, and lifestyle medicine. James is the author of 13 books (and counting) on human potential, proactive aging and mind-body wellbeing. He was a founding faculty member for the Institute for Functional Medicine. He has presented to audiences on every continent across the world-sharing the stage with notables such as Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other luminaries and leaders.

As a leading human performance expert, he has worked with professional franchises in the NFL, NBA and MLB along with Fortune 10 to 100 Companies including Google, Whole Foods, Tegna Media, Coca Cola, Ball Aerospace and more.

Dr James has created products that have been used at Dana Farber Cancer Research Hospital, MD Anderson and Harvard Medical School. Dr. James is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who has founded companies in media, consumer packaged goods, nutraceuticals and sustainable living-that have collectively generated over 250 mm in sales. Serving as QVC’s medical/wellness on-air expert for 5 years his annual sales exceeded 50mm.

As a high performing athlete, James is a former sponsored Ironman triathlete, professional mountaineer and continues to serve and lead as a passionate advocate of functional fitness, mindfulness, and meditation as the health and wellness expert for several broadcast and digital media platforms.