Harnessing the Power of CBD for Stress

For many PRōs out there, it’s almost finals time! Spring break is about to come and go and then it’ll be non stop nose to the grindstone study time to secure your future! To do that you gotta perform your best! This month on the PRōZE Higher Education blog we wanted to talk about the […]

Don’t Be Toppled – Maintain Your Emotional Balance

An unfortunate, but truly inescapable part of life is pain. Physical or emotional, pain is something we often run from and try to avoid in any way we can. No one likes to hurt, of course, but avoiding that hurt can cause much more damage in the long run. That is why it is so […]


Life itself is stressful. Reports from reputable organizations confirm that stress levels increase during the holiday seasons. In addition, the seasonal changes lead to shorter days, more gray weather, and less sunshine leading to seasonal affective disorder. Feeling stress IS natural. Yoga, breathing exercises, consistent exercise, meditation and optimized sleep can help combat these feelings […]


“Oh, everyone has anxiety.” That is what your mom tells you when you tell her you might have anxiety. Anxiety that makes your stomach hurt when you travel. That makes you twist your hair frantically whenever a big event comes up. That makes you cry when you  get too overwhelmed because the feeling of being suffocated […]