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The Stress Relieving Powers Of Ashwagandha

 The herb has been categorized in Traditional Indian Medicine as a rasayana, a plant promoting longevity, vitality, and happiness.  Recently it has become the hottest herb to hit the U.S. shelves, where people are using it for everything from relieving stress & anxiety to increasing libido to immune health..

If you haven’t heard of Ashwagandha, read on, no longer will you be the last one to know 😉 

Q: What exactly is Ashwagandha?

A: It’s a plant that is native to Indian subcontinent, that’s why you haven’t heard of it in the U.S. It looks like an small evergreen shrub and you take the leaves and flowers and grind them up.  You can also extract out the oil within the plant, which is how you get the most potent, concentrated phytochemicals in the plant. 

Q: Why has it become so popular?

A: All herbs are beginning to get their well-deserved fame.  People are beginning to understand that natural nutrients can be powerful therapeutics. Ashwagandha is one of the oldest, most used, and centers on a fundamental concept – allowing the body to ADAPT to stresses you create or the environment.  If you can manage stress properly, that’s the key to overall health and wellness.  

Q: How does Ashwagandha help your body manage stress?

A: Ashwagandha (along with Hemp) is considered one of the most powerful “adaptogens”. Herbs have to meet (3) specific criteria developed by Russian scientist N.V. Lazarez – 1) be non-toxic 2) reduce and regulate stress by helping the body adapt 3) benefit overall-well being.  It seems to modulate and balance multiple different systems of the body, it’s like a manager, making sure there is not little or too much of a particular response. 

Q: What’s the research?

A: 2000 study suggested that Ashwagandha had a comparable anxiety-reducing effect with Lorazepan, suggesting it might be effective for reducing anxiety. 2019 study found taking Ashwagandha significantly reduced peoples stress levels compared with placebo. It also reduced levels of cortisol. Another 2019 study showed subjects reported lower self-reported stress levels and lower cortisol. All of this directly links to a stronger, better, more effective Immune response. 

Q: How much should I consume?

A: In the dry form, dosages between 250-600mg can reduce stress. It’s key to be consistent, giving it 30-60 days, because you may not feel immediate benefits. With oils, such as SHIELD, you may, because the oil extract is much more potent and goes directly into the blood stream. 

Q. Why did you choose Ashwagandha for SHIELD?

A: SHIELD primary benefit is to support the Immune System.  I look at the Immune System as a muscle, if you don’t stress it.  Most immune products are just neutralizers, they “antioxidant” out the stress, that’s not good. You need your body/immune system to face stress head on, adapt to it, figure out how to manage it, and then mount a full response.  This is what SHIELD does and Ashwagandha is a major part of that!