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Don’t Be Toppled – Maintain Your Emotional Balance

An unfortunate, but truly inescapable part of life is pain. Physical or emotional, pain is something we often run from and try to avoid in any way we can. No one likes to hurt, of course, but avoiding that hurt can cause much more damage in the long run. That is why it is so important for everyone to have a sense of emotional balance to help them through the difficulties of life. Here at PRoZE we are all about performing our best and you can’t do that without emotional balance – so, this time on the blog we are going to give an overview of what it is, how you can work your way towards it and how CBD may be able to help you reach it.

What is Emotional Balance?

Emotional balance is your mind and body’s ability to maintain equilibrium in the face of change, adversity, and challenges. It is about keeping yourself centered when life tries to knock you off your path. It is keeping an even head, even if you want to blow up. It is a cornerstone of growth, wellbeing. Emotional balance is the ability to deal with pain – not avoid it, and not dwell on it.

How to Find Yours?


First, you need to practice awareness. Be aware that you are feeling something. You might not know exactly what you are feeling, that’s okay – you first just need to acknowledge that you are feeling.

Then take a moment to identify the specific emotion. Are you nervous or worried? Are you hurt? Sad? Close your eyes and focus inside yourself and seek out where you’re feeling it. Believe it or not emotions can manifest as different sensations in different parts of your body! Follow your feelings and identify what you are feeling.

Now, speak it into being! ‘I am feeling worried.’ You have felt it, you have identified it, now you can address it intentionally, not subconsciously where the feeling might not be properly handled. 

You are now on your way to finding your emotional balance! Here are a few tips that you can put into your every day routine to help you find and maintain that balance.

Balancing Acts

Reflect and Appreciate

Take some time in your day to reflect on the good things. Whether it’s an ongoing thing, a one off, or a state of being – pay attention to the things you have going for you and take a moment to appreciate those. Having appreciation for all the good things not far from your mind will help keep you from spiralling when something negative happens.

Create the Energy You Need

Feeling sluggish? Held back? Stagnant? Put a burst of movement into your day to get your body pumping, your blood flowing and your mind energized. Take a quick trip up and down a flight of stairs, stretch at your desk, — even standing at your desk for a few minutes adds an extra effort that your body will need to energize to meet. All of this is important because emotional balance needs energy to maintain! If you are too tired, you will have a harder time adapting to the challenges in your way – physically and emotionally.

How Can CBD Help

CBD has a ton of beneficial effects for the body, including for emotional balance, here’s how. CBD works with the ECS fueling and firing signals across the body in a way that helps regulate many of our bodies’ natural systems. Part of that involves the hippocampus, one of the most important parts of the brain for memory and emotion. When someone’s hippocampus isn’t working like it should, they may suffer from memory troubles or emotional imbalances. With a properly supported one – like through using CBD, the hippocampus generates memories properly and healthy emotions.

Life can be hard but we have to endure it. Finding your emotional balance will help you take the lumps that life deals you and power through! Use these tips, find your balance, support yourself and perform your best. After all, you are a PRō!