Tart Cherries

Cherry Pie by (glam metal band) Warrant – 1991 I’m a very functional eater. Usually I choose foods based on their nutrient value vs. taste. Most of the time I’m on the “bitter” end (Kale vs. Iceberg Lettuce), but sometimes I come up on top, like with Cherries! I love Cherries! And though I’m not […]

Impossible Burger

The Vegan Burger..without the “Veg”?!? First off, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but I probably eat more vegetables than 99% of them. Seems like more vege-whatevers are more interested in staying away from meat rather than consuming vegetables (which if you don’t know, are two separate things). The last few years, veggie burgers (without […]

Tight & Stiff Muscles

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water” – Bruce Lee Ahh to be “shapeless”, “formless”, I’d feel so flexible. I hardly feel that way. My knees ache when I bend down (and get up!), I do a series of exercises just to tie my shoes, and things that I “used to do” all the time […]

Bengay, IcyHot, TigerBalm Creams

BenWhy, IcyNOT, TigerBUST..??? My knees, my lower back, my shoulder, AYE YAI YAI…playing a few extra sets of tennis, carrying (mostly unneeded) Costco groceries from my car, sleeping wrong, it seems no movement is safe anymore (am I getting old??). Life IS a PAIN! Most of us have been there or ARE there and we’ve […]

The top 10 PRōZE questions

Although CBD is becoming more and more popular, not everyone understands it fully.  Sometimes they get Hemp/CBD mixed up with Marijuana/THC, or they think it’s still not legal in their state, or they just want to learn more about it.  To help you, we’ve answered the most common questions we’ve seen over the years… 1. […]

What does CBD actually do

So what does CBD actually DO? Ha. good question. You’ve probably heard that CBD helps just about everything. From stress, to aches, to sleep, to your kids SAT’s. Sounds like a cure-all, right? You might have thought, “but how can one nutrient help fix just about everything? Sounds kinda sketch….” Well, we are going to […]

What sets PRōZE apart

The PRōZE Five… 1. Synergistic Formulations You’ll hear me say, “the PRōZE formulations are nature-rich formulations that happen to use CBD and Hemp”.  It’s because PRōZE is about leveraging all of nature, in the way nature intended.  You’ve seen the amazing numbers, 90 different phyto(plant)-nutrients, 20 Essential Oils (from nature), plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. […]

Spectrums, Explained.

Does all the talk of SPECTRUMS when it comes to CBD have you seeing red? Let’s try to clear things up so you have a better understanding of the hemp lexicon and feel empowered to make a more educated buying decision. Ultimately, choosing a product based on spectrum has a lot to do with personal […]


Do you ever wonder what is truly going on inside your body? The human body has a conglomeration of systems and reactions constantly working in order to keep us alive and healthy (YAY). However, these systems are often hard to understand and take a lot of background knowledge. So lets just start with one, the […]


The plant world has a plethora of elements that can support and heal the body, at a cellular level. Cannabinoids are one of the gifts of mother nature. Cannabis is rich with cannabinoids. And cannabinoids are botanical magic for us. Cannabinoids are natural compounds and molecules of hemp oil that are extracted from the hemp plant. […]