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The top 10 PRōZE questions

Although CBD is becoming more and more popular, not everyone understands it fully.  Sometimes they get Hemp/CBD mixed up with Marijuana/THC, or they think it’s still not legal in their state, or they just want to learn more about it.  To help you, we’ve answered the most common questions we’ve seen over the years…

1. Are PRōZE products legal?

Yes, definitely.  You can buy and sell the PRōZE products in all 50 states because they are made from legally grown, Industrial Hemp.  You can also ship the PRōZE products anywhere in the United States.   

2. Are PRōZE products FDA approved?

No.  However, the FDA doesn’t approve any CBD products.  The FDA actually doesn’t approve any dietary supplements, even the multi-vitamin you take or protein powder you drink, none of those products are approved by the FDA. 

3. Will PRōZE products get me high?

No, not at all.  The PRōZE products do not contain any level of ingredient that would create psychoactive experiences, regardless of how much you took. PRōZE contains high levels of CBD, CBD is not a psychoactive and is for health and wellness.   

4. Will I test positive using the PRōZE products?

Although PRōZE has never had any feedback from our customers testing positive, it’s critical that an individual check with their testing authority.  Every test is different, and some organizations may test for a variety of ingredients. 

5. Is PRōZE made from Marijuana?

No.  All PRōZE products are made from Industrial Hemp.  Industrial Hemp is a completely different plant than Marijuana. 

6. Do PRōZE products contain THC?

In (3) of our products, NERVE, SHIELD, and NODZZZ, we use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.  This oil contains what is called trace and ultra-trace amounts of THC.  It is well below the legal limits of 0.3% and is shown as undetectable in most tests. 

7. How do I know the PRōZE products are safe?

Every ingredient in the PRōZE products has been tested and certified to be non-toxic and shown to be safely used in dietary supplements.  In addition, each product goes through what is called a Microbioal Test to test for any foreign or harmful elements.

8. Where are the PRōZE products made?

All PRōZE products are made in the United States and are manufactured under US guidelines. 

9. How do I know the products have what they say in them and are tested?

PRōZE conducts 3rd party test on all our products and posts these tests directly on our website.  In addition, all contact and identification information is listed on the test, therefor any customer can call to verify the results.

10. Who is behind the PRōZE company, how credible is it?

PRoZE was founded by Sanjeev Javia and Dr. Jim Silliman, they both can be contacted through the PRōZE office and can be made available for any customer.

11 (BONUS!). Are PRōZE products safe for kids?

Unfortunately, PRōZE can not make recommendations for children and/or individuals who are pregnant or nursing, these recommendations can only made by their health care practitioner.