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What sets PRōZE apart

The PRōZE Five…

1. Synergistic Formulations

You’ll hear me say, “the PRōZE formulations are nature-rich formulations that happen to use CBD and Hemp”.  It’s because PRōZE is about leveraging all of nature, in the way nature intended.  You’ve seen the amazing numbers, 90 different phyto(plant)-nutrients, 20 Essential Oils (from nature), plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. We’re trying to bring all the power of nature in every drop, spray, rub, and chew!  But it’s not just adding them, it’s truly understanding how they compliment each other, how they blend together to provide accelerated, maximum benefit.  We are NOT just CBD, we are NATURE with a purpose! 

2. Transparency

It’s a Wild Wild West out there! There is little regulation regarding CBD/Hemp based products.  University of Pennsylvania Medical School performed a study and found that 70% of products were mislabeled! 50% had significantly less than on the label!  PRōZE is all about transparency. We don’t hide anything.  From our multiple 3rd Party Tests to our manufacturing guidelines, we have 17 total certificates!  What we say is in our products is in there and it’s safe, toxic free, and compliant.  In our opinion, if you can’t SHOW it, then don’t say it!

3. Performance Wellness

Our formulations are incredibly powerful. If your health is in trouble, our formulations are going to get you through it.  But we’re not just for the suffers, we’re also here for the performers.  Our PRoZE essence is about furthering your health, your performance, achieving new levels and accelerating your ability to do more.  We want you to push yourself, work harder, go longer, feel stronger, and be more confident.  We’ve used the principles of therapy, the philosophies of how to resolve deep health issues, and used them to extend, enhance, and accelerate your health as well.  PRōZE is a brand for ACHIEVERS!

4. Brand – Energetically Sophisticated

PRōZE has Energy. Plain and simple. PRōZE is about making a difference through our energy, from our people to our products.  And it comes out in our brand. It’s vibrant, it’s intense, it’s forward thinking and reaching, it can be aggressive at times, it’s in your face, it’s real, authentic, and relevant.  And we do it all in a clean, respectful, sophisticated way.  Organically Fierce!

5. PRōZE Posse

Our community is powerful, YOU included.  Our Posse of doctors, athletes, staff, Ambassadors, relationships, associations, our loyal customers, they are all powerful, impactful people.  And we bring them together to leverage the strength of each other.  Our Posse has created the PRōZE Movement!

With the PRōZE 5, you can see why so many Top Professional Athletes, Doctors, Influencers, and Retailers are joining us in our mission to Live Organically Fierce.