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PRōZE 101 – What Is CBD Used For?

This month on the blog we have been giving a bit of a CBD crash course for our readers. Last time on the blog we talked at length about what CBD is made from and how we extract it, and next time we are going to look at the different ways you can use CBD to help enhance your daily performance. This time however let’s shoot for something in-between: what is CBD used for?

What is CBD Used For?

Here at PRōZE we talk a lot about performance and how CBD can help takes your to the next level.  Your body has an incredible built-in system called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. To put it briefly, the ECS is a system of receptors in our body that reacts when signaled by cannabinoids. The body produces these receptors when CBD is present and the two bind, producing great results, here are some of them. The ECS can do all sorts of wonderful things, but it needs fuel (CBD) to make the magic happen.

Pain Relief

Numerous studies have been done on the efficacy of supplementing with CBD for pain relief, including arthritis, inflammation, and incision sites for surgery. A huge chunk of what we consider ‘pain’ is inflammation and swelling, whether in joints or wound sites. With CBD’s help, the ECS can help your body manage the inflammation and decrease the amount of ‘pain’ your body is signaling.

Anxiety, Nerves

CBD has shown the power to act on serotonin receptors, that special part of the brain that helps regulate mood. Another part of the brain that’s important to note is the hippocampus. In people who suffer from anxiety, typically they are found to have smaller than normal hippocampuses. CBD can help here as it promotes neurogenesis, the creation of new neurons. When these new neurons are formed, the hippocampus may benefit and increase in size.  In one study, a dosage of 300mg of CBD was seen to be the most beneficial in helping the participants manage their nerves during a public speaking events. In animals it has even shown an antidepressant effect. 

Here’s a better rundown of some of the science thought to be behind the benefits of CBD and anxiety.

man relaxing, eyes closed, peaceful

Sleep Aid 

Many people around the world do not get the quality sleep necessary to live healthy lives. Whether because of anxiety, pain, or funky sleep patterns, they are missing out. CBD may be the answer for them! Again, perhaps because of CBD’s ability to work with the serotonin receptors. One study showed 66% of participants found it easier to get to sleep after taking CBD. Read our piece here for more of the science of CBD and Sleep.

Other Benefits

Here’s the real deal. Unfortunately, studies on the benefits of CBD are still ongoing. We don’t have decades of results and fine-tuned numbers to home in on all the benefits. But we have seen the tip of the iceberg. We know people are getting results for their pain, their rough sleep, their anxiety,  in some cases their acne! Some studies are showing potential heart benefits. In just about every area a study has been focused on, CBD has shown some effectiveness in helping the human body perform as best as it’s able.

Here at PRōZE, we are all in on the benefits of CBD. We have seen the results in others, felt the pain relief and easy sleep in ourselves. That’s why we are able to stand by our products while we continue to study the new, untapped potential of CBD. It’s the pioneering spirit that lead to our formulations, our philosophy, and our commitment to help others lead their lives as best they can be. Ready to find out how CBD works for you? Try out NODZZZ for better sleep, or NERVE soothing cream for pain. Take your life to the next level, whatever that looks like for you.


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