Monk Fruit

Oh how sweet it is…. I’ll admit, I have a sweet tooth. Once I get a taste of something sweet, it’s like a Lay’s Potato Chip, you can bet, I can’t eat just one. Excess sugar can be destructive to our health, filled with empty calories that expand our waistline. Enter, a possible solution…sugar “substitutes”. […]

Being Sore After Working Out

We’ve all heard it, “No Pain, No Gain”! When I was younger, it was almost a contest between us guys to see how sore we could get, it was a badge of honor.  It also made a lot of sense too. We heard that if you broke down your muscles, they would ultimately grow back […]

Grass-Fed VS Grain-Fed

Is grass-fed products healthier for me vs. grain fed? – Alex T.  Grass-fed has more healthier nutrients, but the question is – how much more, does it really matter, and is it worth the additional cost?  You’ll see grass-fed on butter, but let’s examine Beef because there is more reliable data and studies.  Grass-Fed vs […]

Vitamins: Gummies or Pills?

Kind of depends on two things: one, which are you more likely to take on a consistent basis and two, how much of a certain vitamin, mineral, nutrient are you looking for? Gummies are all the rage. What was once for kids is now for anyone who enjoys a convenient, candy-like experience to take their […]

Oat Milk

If ordering Starbucks for my friends wasn’t difficult enough with all the coffee, flavor, brewing methods, now I’ve got a menu of milks! Who would have thought udders and teats are found on Almonds, Coconuts, Cashews, and now…Oats?!? Just joking, no teats on those nuts 😉 But apparently you can get a version of milk […]

Health Benefits of Sourdough

The quarantine of COVID was a boom for Netflix, Amazon shopping, Zoom…and Sourdough! What was once just a type of English muffin became a baking phenomenon. The revival of the medieval sourdough, the oldest and original form of leavened bread. The Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with it, the San Franciscans claimed it during the 1800’s […]

 Cardio For Weight Loss

I’ve upped my cardio, but can’t seem to lose much weight, what’s happening? – Tony L. Stop All That Cardio!  Ok, I’m going to save you from the “blah-blah-blah” regarding the molecular underpinnings of exercise, fat breakdown and utilization, and hormonal cascades that relate to hunger, fat storage/release, and metabolism…and keep it simple. Look around […]

The Food Compass

It’s all over social media, the FDA said Lucky Charms is healthier than ground beef, how? – Greg M. Lucky Charms is magical, but not that magical! Sorry, the FDA did NOT rank Lucky Charms healthier than ground beef, whole milk, or wheat bread. The graph below, is NOT the new food pyramid, it’s actually […]

Which Vitamin C to take

Vitamin C seems to come in so many forms, which one is the best? – Carol S.  In short…doesn’t really matter! Vitamin C is one, if not THE most popular single Vitamin supplement that individuals take.   Emergen-C, tasty gummies, fizz drinks, whether it’s for optimal health or when you’re feeling sick, Vitamin C is the […]

The Carnivore Diet

We’ve gone from Low-Fat, The Zone, Atkins, Paleo, Keto and like a bull in a kitchen, here comes the Carnivore Diet. Remember when eating all the fat you wanted was the Diet Du Jour (Keto)? Well imagine eating steak, chicken, fish, ribs, and any other animal product you can get your hands on for breakfast, […]