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We have talked and interviewed many PRōs- From PGA, to NFL, and NHL athletes, as well as docs, both NDs, and MDs, and asked them, "How does one live organically fierce." How does one have innate energy, vitality to wake up and crush it, day after day, year after year...without having to depend on caffeine, [...]


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PRōZE Founders were independently on their own mission to better their communities, to better America's understanding of health... Dr. Jim Silliman, former president of the prestigious Steadman Hawkins Clinic, physician to many professional teams, from the NFL to the US Ski Team, and as an orthopedic surgeon was troubled by the opioid crisis he was witnessing [...]

The top 10 PRōZE questions

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Although CBD is becoming more and more popular, not everyone understands it fully.  Sometimes they get Hemp/CBD mixed up with Marijuana/THC, or they think it’s still not legal in their state, or they just want to learn more about it.  To help you, we’ve answered the most common questions we’ve seen over the years… [...]

What does CBD actually do

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So what does CBD actually DO? Ha. good question. You’ve probably heard that CBD helps just about everything. From stress, to aches, to sleep, to your kids SAT’s. Sounds like a cure-all, right? You might have thought, “but how can one nutrient help fix just about everything? Sounds kinda sketch….” Well, we are going [...]

What sets PRōZE apart

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The PRōZE Five… 1. Synergistic Formulations You’ll hear me say, “the PRōZE formulations are nature-rich formulations that happen to use CBD and Hemp”.  It’s because PRōZE is about leveraging all of nature, in the way nature intended.  You’ve seen the amazing numbers, 90 different phyto(plant)-nutrients, 20 Essential Oils (from nature), plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, [...]