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PRōZE Founders were independently on their own mission to better their communities, to better America’s understanding of health…

Dr. Jim Silliman, former president of the prestigious Steadman Hawkins Clinic, physician to many professional teams, from the NFL to the US Ski Team, and as an orthopedic surgeon was troubled by the opioid crisis he was witnessing first-hand. What would start as a prescription to treat pain and trauma, one-too-many times became an introduction to opioids that became an addiction for one-too-many people. He became a doctor to be a part of the solution- not the problem. He began researching for alternative pain solutions. His research led him to CBD years before CBD was popular.

Sanjeev Javia developed a passion for health and wellness beyond business, but for his own life’s journey. From curating a healthy lifestyle for himself, to formulating nutrition products for fortune 500 companies, to developing nutritional and workout regimens for professional athletes, Sanjeev Javia has carved a name for himself among the most elite formulators and consultants in the wellness industry.
An avid learner and researcher, Sanjeev discovered the power of essential oils years ago, and in that discovered hemp oil . He was marveled at the power of hemp, specifically full spectrum CBD and how adaptogenic it was. Sanjeev, with his newly found treasure of CBD went on to develop multi- million dollar formulations for top companies, however, he had a vision of how best to leverage and maximize the health benefits that CBD can offer.
He and Dr. Jim Silliman, friends for over 15 years, decided to come together and create not just another CBD company…not just another CBD product… and not just another win to add to their portfolio; They were going fulfill their lives mission to equip and empower folks to live organically fierce, to live life on their terms without restraints.

This mission translated into PRōZE Performance Nutrition, Organically fierce nutrition for a full spectrum life. This is bigger than a bottle. It is more than just CBD. The PRōZE products are curated botanical synergistic formulations rooted in full spectrum philosophy leveraging the phytopower of hemp to empower you to be fierce in the affairs of your heart.