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80mg CBD per pack
helps focus + clarity + concentration


Eye on the target. Eye on the prize. Whether it’s passing that test. Setting a new PR. Making a hole-in-one. It all requires full intent, full focus, no YIPS, only YIPEEZ. Pop a piece, feel the peace and ace it.

The “Chew Heard ‘Round The Tour”. The famous CBD gum that Professional and Olympic athletes use to stay focused.

Using all-natural ingredients, YIPEEZ is the first CBD gum that is tested and verified to provide 10mg of CBD. Immediate absorption through the mouth’s gum, cheek, and sublingual layers, YIPEEZ provides quick and lasting benefits. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.



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What is it?

A performance gum synergized with xylitol, which supports overall dental health, and energizing peppermint oil to keep you alert and focused.

What should I expect?




How do I use it?

Place gum in mouth and chew for at least 15 minutes.


CBD Isolate – 99.8% pure CBD

Peppermint Oil – an energizing essential oil

Xylitol – a natural no calorie sweetener promoting dental health

Stevia – a natural no calorie sweetener managing healthy blood sugar levels


all natural organically grown non-gmo

3rd party lab tested to ensure quality & safety

grown & crafted in the usa

gmp compliant manufacturing practices

purity guaranteed, non-psychoactive broad-spectrum hemp

allergen free

How long can I chew YIPEEZ?

You can chew YIPEEZ for as long as you would like, however, the CBD is released from the gum within 15 minutes.

How many pieces can I chew per day?

You can chew as many pieces as you would like, each piece has 10mg of CBD which is more than adequate for most individuals to support an optimal level of focus, clarity, and concentration.

Has YIPEEZ been tested and certified?

Yes, PRōZE 3rd party test each of its products and YIPEEZ has been 3rd party verified to have 10mg of CBD per piece. This is critical because most CBD gums, gummies, and candy’s have not been tested.

What makes YIPEEZ sweet?

YIPEEZ uses Xylitol, a natural non-nutrative sweetener that not only provides sweetness, without the calories, but also supports healthy dental health.

Can I chew more than one YIPEEZ at a time?

Yes, you can chew as many pieces as you would like, each piece contains 10mg of CBD.

When should I start chewing YIPEEZ to receive the optimal benefits?

5 minutes before the start of the activity is the optimal time frame.

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  1. Scott L.

    YIPEEZ is a savior for my end of day.  I have to go through my days patient files and I’m usually exhausted.  Popping a YIPEEZ, I can stay clear and power through my files.  Better and safer than an energy drink! 

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  2. Allyssa M. (Mom)

    I have one son that has real trouble focusing during test time.  If tests are longer than 45 minutes, he gets distracted easily.  Using YIPEEZ has been a huge help to him, he says he’s less anxious about the test and once he starts he can concentrate a whole lot longer.  We’ve already seen it make a difference in his grades…we are hooked! 

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  3. Chris Thompson

    I heard about YIPEEZ from a bunch of guys on the tour. They said it helped to relax them and keep them focused. I’ve tried regular gum before with some success, but when I tried YIPEEZ, it was a whole different feeling. Not only did I feel focused, I felt energized, I have a couple pieced throughout the round, works great! 

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  4. Brian Griese

    I use YIPEEZ during prep and game time. Preparing for games and game time can be pretty stressful.  Every week I’ve got two new teams, each with 50 active players, it’s not easy to keep them all on track.  Add on the fact, I have to be on my toes for 3-4hrs during the game, the YIPEEZ gum is perfect for me to stay focused and keep my concentration.  

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