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For many PRōs out there, it’s almost finals time! We’re continuing our month long look at how CBD can help students find success inside (and outside) the classroom! This time on the PRōZE Higher Education blog we are looking at CBD, focus, and how you can improve your’s, with and without CBD!

Unlike last time, we don’t need to go too deep into defining focus.  We all know what it is, and we all know just how often it escapes us! Focus, or attention, is the brain’s ability to select and concentrate on a discrete piece of information, whether a sound, something visual, a thought, or a goal. It is a state of arousal (no not like that!) and a whole host of your body’s systems are engaged. Those who read the blog last time might already have an idea how CBD focuses your focus! Focus is a state of arousal, arousal is in part controlled by the limbic system of the brain.

CBD Focus – Using Cannabidiol For Studying

Since CBD supports your body’s various regulatory systems, CBD can have a range of positive effects, all of which can support an environment and mindset for focus!

Reduces Anxiety 

We talked about it last time but CBD has been linked to reduced anxiety in a number of studies. Anxiety, of course, can look like a few different things to people but the number one thing they aren’t is focused. Helping your body and brain fight anxiety also means that those anxious feelings aren’t constantly pulling you away from your task at hand! With those anxious, nervous, negative thoughts being blunted by CBD your performance will improve drastically!

Positivity Breeds Productivity

Ever hear the advice about to-do lists and how you should accomplish a few small, easier to do tasks first? Of course, you have, you’re a PRō, you know all about PRōductivity. Well, the reason that works is because the small quick victories give you the jolt of juice you need to press on and make s#!^ happen! When you’re feeling optimistic, that you can tackle anything, you are able to channel that energy into acting decisively, optimistically, and see the course.

Decreases Distracting Motions

We make a product specifically to help with the yips! These are distractive body motions, the subconscious spasm or muscle movements that occasionally fire when your brain is having trouble controlling them. Use YIPEEZ and CBD to keep your body in check and your mind can focus on the task at hand, not your jittery legs. Speaking of jitters…

CBD Increases Alertness Without the Jitters
For many folks, when they need to increase their focus or alertness they reach for the coffee pot, after all with more energy won’t they be able to focus better? Not so much. Unfortunately using coffee for focus is like doing surgery with a chainsaw. It’ll cut, but it’s a bit of an unwieldy job. CBD meanwhile interacts with your ECS to provide energy without the excess. To complete our analogy, CBD is more like a fine-tuned laser. This directed energy will help you put in the hours you need to reach mastery, whether on the course or in the classroom.

With these benefits in mind, the picture becomes clearer for how exactly CBD, focus, and your brain interact. There are a wealth of health benefits to CBD and leveraging its properties can help you excel when you need it the most, whether it’s in fighting anxiety or finding your focus.

PRōZE is committed to making quality synergistic formulas to help everyone perform better. You don’t have to be a sports superstar or Olympic hopeful to benefit from CBD and PRōZE. Whether you need a bit of chill, a better night’s rest, or promote better recovery – PRōZE has you covered!


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