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Spectrums, Explained.

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Does all the talk of SPECTRUMS when it comes to CBD have you seeing red? Let's try to clear things up so you have a better understanding of the hemp lexicon and feel empowered to make a more educated buying decision. Ultimately, choosing a product based on spectrum has a lot to do with personal [...]


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The plant world has a plethora of elements that can support and heal the body, at a cellular level. Cannabinoids are one of the gifts of mother nature. Cannabis is rich with cannabinoids. And cannabinoids are botanical magic for us. Cannabinoids are natural compounds and molecules of hemp oil that are extracted from the hemp plant. [...]


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Terpenes are a class of natural compounds that get completely overlooked because of the popularity of cannabinoids (like CBD and THC).  But if you’re an essential oil user, you constantly realize the amazing medicinal properties of terpenes. The terpenes in all essential oils, from Rosemary to Frankincense to Lavender, is what is providing the extraordinary [...]


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E V E R Y T H I N G  was on track. It was another great day It was 1976, I was 20. Soon to be a college graduate, and start the career I always dreamt of, a veterinarian. It was a Monday, I was coasting in my convertible with two of my buds [...]