Don’t Be Toppled – Maintain Your Emotional Balance

An unfortunate, but truly inescapable part of life is pain. Physical or emotional, pain is something we often run from and try to avoid in any way we can. No one likes to hurt, of course, but avoiding that hurt can cause much more damage in the long run. That is why it is so […]

The Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum

We have been talking at length about our new CBD gum YIPEEZ and how Golf Pros all around the PGA tour are loving it. We’re all in on the power of CBD no matter the form – but there are some more surprising benefits to chewing gum! This time on PRoZE we got the buzz […]

The Chew Heard ‘Round the Tour

Do you spend much time out on the green? Take in a nice 18 whenever you get the chance? Here in PRōZE HQ of Scottsdale, Arizona, we are blessed with about 200 golf courses in the greater Phoenix area! Our POSSE are golfers, our PRōs are golfers, we are golfers. To fit with one of […]


It doesn’t take rocket science to know as a population, Americans are incredibly stressed. Roughly 77% of Americans report physical symptoms related to stress. At least one-third of Americans experience extreme levels of stress on a regular basis. About one in five have high levels of stress, fifteen or more days per month. So, what […]


AUTHOR: DR. ARA SUPPIAH, ER & Functional Medicine, Golf Channel Medical Expert If there is one key to mental and physical recovery, it is sleep. Deep rejuvenating sleep.  Here ‘s my  sleep routine that I share with my professional and corporate athletes : Stop eating by 8pm No electronics by 9pm Before you climb into bed […]

Spectrums, Explained.

Does all the talk of SPECTRUMS when it comes to CBD have you seeing red? Let’s try to clear things up so you have a better understanding of the hemp lexicon and feel empowered to make a more educated buying decision. Ultimately, choosing a product based on spectrum has a lot to do with personal […]


The plant world has a plethora of elements that can support and heal the body, at a cellular level. Cannabinoids are one of the gifts of mother nature. Cannabis is rich with cannabinoids. And cannabinoids are botanical magic for us. Cannabinoids are natural compounds and molecules of hemp oil that are extracted from the hemp plant. […]

PRōZE 101 – What Is CBD Used For?

This month on the blog we have been giving a bit of a CBD crash course for our readers. Last time on the blog we talked at length about what CBD is made from and how we extract it, and next time we are going to look at the different ways you can use CBD […]

Ingredient Insight – Hemp Extract vs CBD

The CBD industry is new enough that there aren’t really any true standards in labeling, packaging, or even verbiage that’s used. It’s nothing shady, it’s just a part of it being such a new addition to the landscape. Whether we’re talking about the differences between CBD and THC, here at PRōZE we want our readers, […]


Terpenes are a class of natural compounds that get completely overlooked because of the popularity of cannabinoids (like CBD and THC).  But if you’re an essential oil user, you constantly realize the amazing medicinal properties of terpenes. The terpenes in all essential oils, from Rosemary to Frankincense to Lavender, is what is providing the extraordinary […]