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The Three Main Reasons You Can’t Sleep

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The Three Main Reasons You Can't Sleep50 Million people report they have some sort of sleep disorder, and 46% of Americans report they take something to sleep. So let’s unpack why you can’t sleep…. THREE main reasons: Inflammation Nervous System Brain Chemistry InflammationInflammation, or more importantly excess inflammation, it’s the petri dish of all disease [...]

What does CBD actually do

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So what does CBD actually DO? Ha. good question. You’ve probably heard that CBD helps just about everything. From stress, to aches, to sleep, to your kids SAT’s. Sounds like a cure-all, right? You might have thought, “but how can one nutrient help fix just about everything? Sounds kinda sketch….” Well, we are going [...]

What sets PRōZE apart

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The PRōZE Five… 1. Synergistic Formulations You’ll hear me say, “the PRōZE formulations are nature-rich formulations that happen to use CBD and Hemp”.  It’s because PRōZE is about leveraging all of nature, in the way nature intended.  You’ve seen the amazing numbers, 90 different phyto(plant)-nutrients, 20 Essential Oils (from nature), plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, [...]

Dr. Ara Suppiah on Endocannabinology + SHIELD

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Endocannabinology (n.) the study of the endocannabinoid system by Dr. Ara Suppiah, GOLF CHANNEL'S MEDICAL EXPERT What is the Endocannabinoid System? The endocannabinoid system is a system in your body that was disovered just 30 years ago and is responsible for the regulation and balancing of many processes in the body. Think of your endocannabinoid [...]

How to Get CLARITY

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Clar-i-ty The quality of being coherent and intelligible As we wrap up our month on how CBD can help students combat anxiety, find their focus, and now how it can help find clarity, we just wanted to say some words of encouragement. You are a miracle, you can do anything! Whether that’s hitting a new [...]


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For many PRōs out there, it’s almost finals time! We’re continuing our month long look at how CBD can help students find success inside (and outside) the classroom! This time on the PRōZE Higher Education blog we are looking at CBD, focus, and how you can improve your’s, with and without CBD! Unlike last time, [...]