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Beating The Cold & Flu

Who are you betting on this year? You or the Cold & Flu?  I’m taking Cold & Flu..EVERYTIME! Do you honestly think you’ll be able to fight off hundreds of attacking strains, that can adapt and change with every infection, and can live on doorknobs, counters, wherever for days?!? Avoiding the Cold & Flu is futile, you can’t live in a bubble all fall/winter, but you can prepare for the attack.  It’s not about beating it, it’s about not “feeling” it.  I’m sure I’ve had a cold or mild flu, but because my body was strong and healthy, I was able to recover from the attack quickly and without any significant symptoms.  That’s the key, it’s all about the recovery.  

You’ll probably get “punched”, let’s learn how to get back up..

Q: Why is it so hard to avoid the Cold & Flu?

A: The Cold and Flu are caused by viruses.  There are so many variations. The flu has 4 types, A, B, C, D, let’s just look at A, the A can be divided into HA and NA, the HA can be divided into 16, NA can have 9, you now have 144 potential strains, and that’s just type A. You can’t possibly have antibodies for all these, then on top of that, once the strains are out, they begin to mutate, now more strains! 

Q: What about vaccines, don’t they cover all of them?

A: No, they cover 4 strains. (2) H strains and (2) B strains.  Studies show vaccines to be 40-60% effective at reducing the risk, still positive, but not 100%. A vaccine can cover all the strains and their variations and combinations. 

Q: What about Cold & Flu medicines?

A: Read the label, they are for the “symptoms” of the Cold & Flu.  They are not to avoid the Cold & Flu or even (read the research) to significantly reduce the time of being sick, they merely allow you to deal with the symptoms.  Stop the runny nose, reduce the fever, numb the headache, this is not healing, and worse, it can cause you to be sick longer 

Q: So what can I do?

A: Here is how it goes.  How long you will be sick will depend on how strong/healthy you were before being infected and the severity of symptoms will depend on how careful you will be with your recovery. 

Q: Let’s focus on recovery, what can I do?

A: Hydrate – Sleep – Nutrify. Once you’re infected your body is in a war, war has lots of casualties and you need to clean up, wash away, and ship out the mess.  Water does that in the most amazing way. It’s also the main superfood for your cells which can keep the virus from infecting more cells. Sleep is super critical because your immune system turns full on only during sleep. Sleep has always been the medicine for all health issues, heck, doctors will even put you into a forced coma to accelerate healing! Lastly, you must give your body good fuel, great nutrients. Nutrifying your body with nutrient dense foods (fruits/vegetables) and avoiding stresses like sugar, caffeine, and processed foods/toxins is key.  

Q: How much hydration?

A: Beware, you’ll be peeing a lot. Basically, drink as much as you can.  I drink at least 100 ounces, that’s taking my body weight (200lbs) and taking half that number. Flushing your system is key, so adding electrolytes to it (you can buy separately) is key.  I wouldn’t drink Gatorade or Pedialyte, it has too much sugar for how many electrolytes you get.  I’d buy Electrolytes separately or Trace/Ultra Trace Mineral blends. 

Q: How much sleep and how to get the best quality?

A: At least 8-9hrs, even if you must stay in bed and just lie there.  The key is not doing anything, letting your body use all it’s energy to fight the infection.  Take a hot shower 90 min before bed, clean your skin (largest organ of the body) so your pores will be open to release toxins. You can also cover up, initiating sweating is healthy. 

Q: What should I eat?

A: Key is staying away from things that compromise or tax your immune system.  Think of it this way.  You only have so many immune soldiers, you want them fighting the infection, not spending time on sugar, caffeine, processed and artificial ingredients, etc..  Keep the foods simple, easy to digest, and eat “just enough”, overeating causes stress as well. 

Q: How do I used the PRōZE products?

A: Use SHIELD 3x per day, once – first thing in the morning, then in the late afternoon, then again 2hrs before bedtime. Your immune system has an uptick a 2-3hrs before bed, so supporting that can be huge for recovery and detoxifying.  Use NODZZZ 10-15min before bed, you’ll sleep more deeply, which will allow you to recover faster.