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Zinc has become the new Vitamin C..

How did Zinc become the Ultimate Warrior of colds…and now COVID? It started in the early 1980’s when a study was published that showed Zinc kept people from getting sick. Zinc seemed to prevent viruses from multiplying and getting stuck in places like the throat and nose.  With less virus, you have a quicker recovery and keeping it away from the throat and nose, you get less symptoms. But what is good…should not be more, it’s best to know…

Zinc – what kind to use, how much to use…and WHEN! 

Q: Is Zinc a vitamin?

A: NO, it’s an essential mineral. Essential meaning your body absolutely needs it to function, but the body can’t make it on its own, so you must consume it. It’s found mostly in meats. But also, in very low amounts, in grains, nuts, and beans.  

Q: Can you be deficient in Zinc? 

A: Yes, pretty easy. Especially if you’re a vegan/vegetarian because non-meat foods have very low amounts of Zinc and the phytic acid content in vegetables causes issues with Zinc absorption. At risk population are individuals with digestive issues, vegetarians/vegans, adults over 60yrs old, and those that drink a lot of alcohol. 

Q: How much do I need per day? 

A: On a daily basis, about 10-15mg. If you’re in the at-risk population, then 15-20mg. If you’re feeling like you’re getting sick or sick, then take between 10-20mg every 3hrs during the day (limit this treatment to 1 week), if you are concerned about COVID, around 50-100mg per day, and post-COVID, then 30mg 2x per day – total 60mg for 1 week. Only take higher doses under a health cares supervision and 1-2 week time frames. Higher amounts of Zinc also causes Copper deficiency. 

Q: How best to take Zinc?

A: Do not take with fiber or fiber rich foods. Vegetables, seeds, beans, should also be avoided at the time of consumption. It’s best to take Zinc 2-3hrs before of after these foods. These foods inhibit the absorption of zinc. 

Q: What is the best form of Zinc?

A: Zinc gluconate and zinc sulfate are typically the least expensive, but the best form is the amino acid chelates of Zinc. They would be labeled as zinc picolinate, zinc citrate, zinc acetate, zinc monomethionine, or just zinc amino acid chelate

Q: Does Zinc help COVID?

A: Due to zinc’s anti-viral properties and role in the immune system, it’s been promoted as a solution to COVID-19 infection. Some studies have shown this ( and ( and ( These studies show that those individuals who had lower blood serum levels of Zinc were most susceptible to infection, more severe symptoms, and longer recovery. I think Zinc has shown it can be very supportive to a healthy immune system. 

Q: Your pick for Zinc?

A: For Pills, Vitacost Chelated Zinc Glycinate. For Lozenges, Walgreens Zinc Lozenges.