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The Chew Heard ‘Round the Tour

Do you spend much time out on the green? Take in a nice 18 whenever you get the chance? Here in PRōZE HQ of Scottsdale, Arizona, we are blessed with about 200 golf courses in the greater Phoenix area! Our POSSE are golfers, our PRōs are golfers, we are golfers. To fit with one of our favorite activities, CEO and Formulator extraordinaire Sanjeev Javia has put together a product that is sweeping the tour – YIPEEZ, our exclusive CBD gum!

CBD and the PGA

You’ve probably heard already that CBD is –the thing– around the tour. More and more pros are leveraging the amazing, beneficial supportive powers of CBD to have their best game yet. And the thing is, you can too! This isn’t like seeing specialist doctors in Germany for stem cell treatments, or finding a cryo facility to induce cold shock proteins, though those are both great if you can get them! CBD is a simple, natural, and powerful supplement that you can introduce and benefit from right now!

Why Are Golf Pros Loving CBD?

As any regular PRōZE reader knows, CBD offers an incredible host of benefits to its users, helping support rest, discomfort, and nerves. Golf pros

 Using it to help combat discomfort and supplementing their sleep to promote better recovery after a hard day on the course.

And, there’s one thing golfers in particular that we help with.

The yips! For those not in the golfing circles (wow, we’re surprised you read this far but it’s good info so we’re happy to have you!) the yips are involuntary muscle spasms in the wrists, usually when the golfer is about to putt. As you can imagine, having your wrists jerk as you line up an 8-foot putt just sucks.

Well, our gum eases the yips – hence “YIPEEZ”. We are proud of this new product we have brought to market and to professional athletes to help them optimize their performance.

So, Whose CBD is the Right Stuff?

When it comes to supplements, athletes are right to be cautious. After all a tainted supplement could be the difference between playing their best and being suspended, losing their livelihood because the supplement had something that tripped their sport’s anti-doping measures. It’s scary right? Makes you hesitant to even try and do something new. 

In his interview with ESPN, Scott McCarron notes:

“There’s so many CBD companies out there right now, that you might not know what’s in it. So if you’re on the PGA Tour, you better do your homework and make sure there’s nothing in it that can give you a positive test.”

And he’s absolutely right! There are a lot of CBD companies out there, and so many of them are putting out junk — too many, if you ask us. That’s why we believe in maintaining the highest quality possible across our products! With synergistic formulations, 3rd party testing for safety and quality, broad-spectrum hemp extract (non-psychoactive!) toxic-free and Leaping Bunny certified we are certain that our CBD products are the creme de la creme in the industry. 

While some athletes might truly be genetic freaks (in the best possible way) all of us have Endocannabinoid systems just waiting for the right fuel. Introduce yours to PRōZE and see how our cutting edge CBD formulations can give you the performance boost you are after!