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Thank you!

I've been taking Proze daily since November-I'm on auto order. I can't say thank you enough for making this product. I've seen a major difference in my stress tolerance, my sleep and ability to focus. It is the right combination of remedies and the taste is pleasant. This will be a lifelong supplement for me :)

A product that does what it claims

From the get go, I know that Proze is a company who genuinely cares about their customers. My trial of NODZZZ got lost and Jeevers (CEO) wrote to me personally (it was not a canned response) and sent a replacement. Customer service is not dead at Proze! Kudos to Jeevers and his team for making me feel like I mattered, even if it was over a trial of their product. On to a review of the actual product.

If you've tried many CBD products like I have, then you will know what I mean when I say that NODZZZ doesn't taste hempy or terpy. Whether you like the taste of it or not, I think largely depends on what you think of cinnamon. They are in the process of coming up with other flavors that would work synergistically with NODZZZ. Can't taste the valarian root. If you have ever opened a bottle of valarian root capsules, you know they have a very, shall we say distinct, aroma.

I'll admit I had skeptical hippo eyes on this one. Sample said 12 sprays 12 minutes before bed. It has always taken me a while to fall asleep, so I tried it an hour before bed. Mistake. I was very sleepy 15 minutes later. So if you're just starting out, I'd recommend that you try 1/2 the dose recommended to see how it effects you. You can always add a few sprays if 1/2 dose doesn't work out. My wife also has insomnia and she normally drinks magnesium citrate before bed to help her wind down. She also tried the spray and it works well for her. YMMV. Everyone's ECS (endocannabinoid system) is different.

Final Thoughts
This stuff works. it's not a substitute for good sleep practices but I think it can be helpful as rescue sleep aid or as part of your daily regimen. If you don't overdo it, it won't leave you groggy or foggy in the morning like other sleep aids. It's quick and easy to control the dose that is right for you. Not a paid review. It's just rare to find that unicorn of a product that you like, that has good customer service and that does what it says it does.

Love the soothing cream!

After struggling with shoulder pain my entire adult life due to 2 shoulder surgeries cause by torn labrum, I can honestly say the soothing cream has been a game changer!

I need to know how to purchase this -

Can’t rate yet; want to give some more time. Just started using the products.



I have tried multiple sleep aids and NODZZZ is in a category of its own. I felt extremely rested. I have not felt this way in a long time. Amazing product!


It doesn’t work for me due to magnesium glycinate which amps my anxiety BUT my husband, 85, has experienced better sleep due to nodozzz

They deliver every time!

Great product! Great packaging! Great costumer service!

Best CBD products I’ve ever had. I use it daily and couldn’t be more satisfied with PROZE!

Can’t tell the difference

I bought this to help me sleep. I don’t think it helps at all.

not sure yet

I just received my nodzzz yesterday. Shipping took 2 plus weeks. I tried it last night; I didn’t notice much difference When I woke up in the middle of the night I had about 6 sprays and was able to fall back asleep.

Hey Nan, Sanjeev (CEO)! I'm so sorry the NODZZZ took 2 weeks. We shipped by USPS right when you ordered, but sometimes it's taken longer than 5-6 days. We will inquire about this, but USPS is a bit spotty and we used them to keep the shipping/handling cost down. Very sorry, but we'll keep an eye on this for future. I'm glad that NODZZZ helped you in the middle of the night. We naturally have a 4hr cycle, but then some people can't get back to sleep. So glad it helped. I hope with continued use, it will also reset your sleep latency (getting into sleep), nutrition can take some time depending on severity of issues. I have faith it will help, I'm appreciative of the opportunity.

Proze sleep aid

I really liked it... helped me to fall asleep! But I have a lot going on right now and so did not stay asleep. Don't think that's a true test I still liked it !

Hey Debbie, Sanjeev (CEO), thanks so much for trying NODZZZ and giving us your patience. I'm glad it helped you to get into sleep easier (sleep latency), staying asleep will come with greater rhythm (circadian) in your sleep. As you begin to work through the sleep cycles, you will become more efficient at them, which will allow you to stay in deeper stages (3+4) and then move quicker through (1+2), where you have a tendency to wake up. Look forward to your progress, appreciate you considering PRoZE. Hope we earn those 2 more stars :)


I was so hopeful that it would help me sleep but unfortunately it did not help. When I actually did sleep I had terrible dreams. I ended up throwing it away in the end. It was worth a try though.

Hey Carie, thanks for your time on FB messenger yesterday. As I mentioned, I apologize for not meeting your expectations. Nutrition, unfortunately doesn't always work so quickly when there has been a history of other treatments and current stress. Re-establishing the body's own innate systems to get you into sleep, can be done, just may take more time depending on severity of alteration. And as we discussed, 'terrible dreams' is unpleasant for sure, but they are dreams, and dreams only happen in REM sleep. And REM is the only time your brain detoxifies. NODZZZ can not create a dream (unfortunately), it can only bring you to the stages of dreaming more efficiently. Thanks for your consideration of NODZZZ and your time.

I have used Nodzzz for 3 months with good results. The last 3 weeks of use have had no results.

Hey Michael, it's unfortunate we did not meet your expectations with NODZZZ. We have not changed in the formula in anyway since you have been using it and the very beginning. Same great product :) Sleep is a bit complex, there are Behavioral (psychological), environmental, and physiological (what NODZZZ primarily deals with), that influence quality of sleep. Often times one thing that changes could just knock it off enough that NODZZZ doesn't have the same effectiveness as previous dates. But we hope you will continue in believing in us, we won't change the product and your body doesn't get 'used' to it (it's all natural and no dependency). Thanks for your consideration, Sanjeev (CEO/Founder/Formulator)

Nodzzz really did the trick

All 5 nights I used the product I slept peacefully and was in a deep sleep until morning. When I woke up I felt refreshed and energized throughout the day. Would definitely recommended!

Amazing product

I was hesitant at first but by the third day I was amazed and the positive change in my sleeping. Truly amazing.

Whoa! Works!

Best deep, uninterrupted sleep in forever. Fell asleep fast and woke up completely rested and full of energy! Really really recommend.
Tastes great too!

Love it!!!

My clients can’t get enough of Nodzz and neither can I!

The Best!

This is the best product I have ever used for sleep. Take it nightly 10 minutes before hitting the pillow and sleep soundly. Wake up feeling well rested and not doped up. Awesome stuff!


I had high hopes for this product, but it exceeded even those expectations. I highly recommend!


It’s very nice and help me a lot.


As a college student with a full schedule, I do not have time to get sick. SHIELD has helped me stay on top of my health in order to keep up with my studies!


I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and I have always been hesitant to try an everyday medication to help. Other CBD brands have not seemed to help me, but the GUMEEZ have been a game changer! They completely calm me down and mellow me out, but not to the point where I am unable to be productive. I have taken them at all times of my day, before completing multiple types of activities, and I have never had problems. So thankful I found this product!


My anxiety flares up, especially at night when thinking about getting to be. It has kept me up in the past. But with NODZZZ I was able to calm down enough to rest peacefully before bed, then stay asleep and sleep deeper once I was asleep.