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Keto Diets for Weight Loss

Weight loss never gets old.  Diets do though.  That’s why every year, there is a new “it” diet.  Today’s “IT” is the Ketogenic Diet.  And boy does it not taste like a diet.  You get to eat as much butter, cream, cheese, FAT as you want.  But hold to your belt…do it wrong and you’ll BUST! 

Q: What Is The Ketogenic Diet

A: It’s a diet that consists of high (70%+) of healthy fats, moderate (20-25%) of protein, and very low (5% less) of carbohydrates.  It’s a diet that induces a natural metabolic state in the body, called Ketosis.  

Q: Is Ketosis good for you?

A: It can be, we’ve all been in a degree of ketosis.  Think about if you’ve ever been absolutely starving, you’re tired, cranky, irritable, this is when you’ve run out of all the carbohydrates in your system. Then or soon, you’ll be in ketosis, where you body switches from burning carbs to burning fat for energy. 

Q: How is this a diet?

A: The key is understanding that Ketosis is the mechanism, the diet, is a way to get there.  When you deplete your body of carbohydrates, by not eating any, you force  your body to use other energy sources, it only has fat or protein, and for the most part, the body will begin to break down fat. 

Q: How can you do it wrong?

A: #1, eating the wrong types of fat.  We’re talking about healthy fat, avocados, coconuts, butter, NOT fried, greasy, heavily processed fats. It’s not a FAT FREE FOR ALL, it’s clean healthy natural fats. #2. Not watching calories, you must eat within your calorie window, if you eat 5,000 calories and you only need 2,000, regardless of whether it’s an avocado, you will get fat. #3. Not being exact, you MUST limit your carbohydrates to highly fiberous, unrefined, and very low – 20g per day or less (not easy). 

Q: Any dangers on Keto?

A: If you’re diabetic, had your gallbladder removed, or on medication (check with your doctor), or an athlete, be super careful.  Immediately cutting out carbohydrates is not good for everyone. Also stay very well hydrates with electrolytes, as you burn fat, you will release lots of toxins.  

Q: Your advice?

A: Not a big fan of any diets that restrict all macronutrients.  But it’s a good “jump start” to weigh loss.  You will drop weight, water, fat, and some muscle early on.  The success I’ve seen is when individuals are precise, they only eat the certain amount of calories and it’s ratioed correctly 70/25/5.  Use it to get to your goal, stay as active as you can, then start to include the vegetables, fruits, and healthy grains back in while watching if your weight significantly increases.