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How to Get CLARITY


The quality of being coherent and intelligible

As we wrap up our month on how CBD can help students combat anxiety, find their focus, and now how it can help find clarity, we just wanted to say some words of encouragement. You are a miracle, you can do anything! Whether that’s hitting a new PR in the gym, or acing this final, or just finishing. You are doing your best, that’s all you can ever do your best. Just keep pushing. The things we can accomplish will amaze us. We just have to have the clarity to get it done. Let’s talk about how to get clarity, and how you can harness that to go further than you ever have!

How to Get Clarity 

Create the Right Environment for It

Have you ever sat down to a disordered desk to finish some homework? Or even went to the kitchen table to play a board game, only to find it covered in books and plates? Your mind, whether you recognize it or not, has to process all those objects in your field of vision. Each little thing takes up a little, tiny bit of your focus. When it’s only one or two extraneous things it’s fine, our brains are powerful! But when it becomes a mess of clutter, each of those tiny bits together become huge chunks of thought and brain power. Creating a clear space will be conducive to giving you clarity –  it’s right there in the name: clear.

Do One Thing at a Time

In the words of the great Ron Swanson, “Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing.”

If you are working on a project, work on that project. If you are doing chores, do the chore. Believe it or not, you don’t need to check your email every 10 minutes. Twitter can wait. Turn the TV off. This can be a hard habit to break but when you finally allow yourself to focus on the single task at hand you will find clarity in your intentions and actions.

Eliminate Distractions

This is pretty obvious follow up on the prior two points but it bears stating clearly. Your environment isn’t just your physical space, for most it’s also a virtual one. If you’re working on your laptop, close all the unnecessary tabs, turn off notifications, disconnect yourself from the wi-fi if you don’t need it. Realize just how many of our distractions are self-created and shut them out. Work can be difficult and our first instinct is to avoid the difficult. Without distractions, you can gain clarity, with clarity you can push through the difficult!

Eat Well and Take Care of Yourself

Our bodies run off what we give them, they are amazing machines. But there’s only so much they can do with garbage, empty calories, and fumes. Coffee is great, but your brain shouldn’t rely on that to get anything done. Experiment with removing caffeine and sugars from your diet. Add good fuel like fruits, vegetables – you know the whole diet thing! Take vitamins and supplements to help your body get to good levels of things like Vitamin C. A healthy body is a healthy mind! 

Rest Regularly

It can seem like the only way to get everything you need to do done is to burn the candle at both ends. Anybody who has spent weeks on end like this can tell you – it’s not maintainable. Giving your body and mind the rest it needs will help keep your head clear. Don’t deprive your body of a solid night’s rest more than twice a week at most. Your body needs sleep to recover and prepare! 

How Can PRōZE Help?

PRōZE can help you find your clarity in a few ways!  As we talked about earlier this month, CBD interacts with and supports the emotional control areas of your brain. In keeping that primed and ready to go your brain can keep its focus on the task at hand and your mind clear. 

One key way is in helping you maintain a healthy body to place your mind in an advantageous spot for clarity.  With a wellness tincture like SHIELD, we offer broad-spectrum hemp extract, reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, and turmeric – all of which are proven to assist in a number of your body’s functions. Just a drop a day will help you support a healthy immune system, and reduce the wear and tear from the daily grind.

If you’re having trouble getting your needed rest, CBD can help you get the best rest of your life! Use the NODZZZ chillax mist with 250mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract to give your body the best rest yet!

We hope these tips on how to get clarity will help you! When you have clarity, you’ll find your focus not far behind and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to! You’re a human, you’re a PRō, you can do anything!


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