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Healthy Eggnog

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark & Cousin Eddie, a moose cup filled with eggnog, and turtlenecks, ahh it’s Christmas! Eggnog is a bit “iffy” though. Sure, my parents would make it without the alcohol, but it just seemed so wrong, raw eggs, yolks, what else is even in there?! But when you really “sip” into it, you realize it ain’t so bad. Heck it’s a great way for me to get some protein and fat macro’s in, while deliciously supercharging my immune system with nature’s most powerful spices.

Q: So, what the heck is Eggnog?

A: Basically, milk or heavy cream, sugar, eggs, some booze (either rum, brandy, or Cognac), and spices – nutmeg, cardamon, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, even honey. You can make it with or without the alcohol, depending on how much fun you want to have or how irritating your cousins/in-laws are! 

Q: What makes it healthy?

A: First off, you must make it homemade. Due to the ingredients, eggs, milk, etc.., the pre-made and store bought version will have lots of preservatives and stabilizers in them. But when homemade, you have healthy fat and protein from some great sources and compared to other holiday drinks that are 100% alcohol based, eggnog is a great choice. It’s almost like a mini-snack that’s a drink!  

Q: Wait, I thought Fat makes you Fat?

A: No, it doesn’t. Excess calories, quick burning calories like sugar and simple carbohydrates, and not having enough muscle..that makes you fat. Healthy fat makes you lose weight, build a better brain and nervous system, and gives you clean energy thru the day. Eggnog uses egg yolks, one of the best, nutrient dense, fat sources, filled with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. 

Q: Is eating raw eggs safe?

A: They have little risk. Getting salmonella is a 1/20,000 chance. You could also just pour the hot milk over the yolk, this will cook off some of the bacteria. But the easiest, safest way is just buy pasteurized eggs, they’ve already been treated to kill off bacteria.

Q: How do I make Eggnog more healthy?

A: The only (2) things that aren’t healthy, is the Sugar and Alcohol.  Nothing you can do about the Alcohol, Rum/Brandy/Cognac are all the same in health, so you either deal with it, reduce them, or take it out. For the sugar, you can replace it with sweetners like Monk Fruit, Stevia, or Honey. My recommendation is a combination of Stevia and one of the other ones, using Stevia alone will cause a metallic/bitter taste when mixed with the protein, however the real sugars in honey or monk fruit will round out the flavor and make it taste great, without the added calories. 

Q: What about the spices?

A: Here is where it gets good. Cinnamon and Nutmeg are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Cardamon, one of my favorites, promotes healthy liver function and studies have shown it can reduce inflammatory proteins, high blood sugar, and certain biomarkers of metabolic syndrome. We even add spices like Ginger and Turmeric, the ginger goes really well with the nutmeg!