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AUTHOR: DR. ARA SUPPIAH, ER & Functional Medicine, Golf Channel Medical Expert

1. Get Grounded (literally) –  Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are all around us. EMFs are invisible energy waves that are emitted through our cellphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, computers, and other appliances/tech. These streams of invisible energy waves could have negative implications on our health as they change the body with positively charged oxidants. You can “ground” those charges by walking barefoot on natural terrain (grass) for 30 minutes. But make sure that while you’re doing this, leave Facebook and Instragram at home, and practice “box breathing” instead!- taking slow, deep breaths.

2. Hydrate with Electrolytes – A 2% dehydration in your body can lead up to  a 10% drop in your performance. Take your hydration to the next level by drinking  water with a pinch of Celtic sea salt for some added electrolytes.

3. Sleep – One of the best medicines you could give your body is SLEEP! Recovery is as important to your daily performance as performing is itself- and sleep is #1 way to recover. And oh yeah!… Unplug your Wi-Fi router before bed if possible.

4. Long, Slow, Workouts – the emphasis is on “slow.” If your body feels strained, tense, and/or tight, then that’s your body’s way of letting you know to slow down! When you feel like this, know that your body is not an optimal state to endure intense training. Doing the opposite of what your body needs, is adverse to the results you’re trying to get. What I do, when my body is telling me this, I will switch up the days workout to a light, 30-45 minutes of cardio or I will choose 10 yoga poses that I hold for 4-5 minutes each. This helps to get the blood flowing without firing up the nervous system.

5. 24 Hour H2O Fast – If you have been on the road, flying, overdoing it on the food at events, or simply had a busy stretch, it’s a good idea to throw in a 24-48 hour fast. Nothing but water and plenty of electrolytes. Integrating adaptogens such as CBD into your water fast is a also a great way of supplying your body with rich nutrients. One of the main reasons fasting is great, is to give your body a break! Eating food and breaking it down is taxing on the body and consumes lots of energy. Fasting is great way to regain some energy, cleanse the body, and have a clean(er) slate!


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