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Dr. Ford Brewer

Dr. Ford Brewer is a board-certified preventative & occupational medicine specialist, and a globally recognized speaker for organizations including the National Governor’s Association and the Brookings Institute. Dr. Brewer is also the Founder of PrevMed Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention, and Advalent & Physician Partners’ in the fields of preventive medicine, telemedicine, and Medicare Advantage. 

After beginning his career in full-time emergency medicine and as full-time faculty at Johns Hopkins. Dr Brewer quickly realized that many disabilities and diseases brought to the ER are preventable. He returned to Johns Hopkins where he studied and served as chair of the post graduate studies on Prevention. He has since served as the Chief Medical Officer for Toyota, USA as well as several fortune 100 companies and healthcare systems overseeing preventive medical teams comprising thousands of doctors, NPs & PAs. 

Dr. Brewer is a respected thought leader in preventative healthcare, regularly producing content on his popular YouTube channel focused on the prevention of heart attack, stroke, dementia, and other chronic diseases.