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CBD is the talk of the town , but sometimes that isn’t always a good thing.. RUMORS. There has been a lot of confusion and fear around the topic of CBD & drug tests, specifically. Today we will explore the question, “will CBD oil make me fail a drug test?”


Drug Tests:

 Starting with the basics, drug tests are becoming a more common condition used by employers, parole officers, substance abuse programs, and sports organizations. Drug tests can screen for different types of drugs through the use of urine, blood, sweat, saliva, and hair. Each type of drug test can screen for, types of substances, time since use, minimum amount detected, and accuracy. 


CBD Oil & Drug Tests:

Routine drug tests contain an immunoassay which is a biological test with antibodies designed to detect THC & 11-nor-delta9-Caboxy-THC (THC’s main metabolite). The immunoassay is sophisticated enough to identify THC & its metabolites are just a fraction of the cannabis plant, so other cannabinoids that are not psychoactive, do not cross react. To conclude, if you are a hemp user there are only trace amounts of CBD (under 0.3% legal limit), in oil/products which wouldn’t be enough to fail a drug test. However, if a person is consuming over 1,000mg of CBD there is a slight chance of higher THC exposure, therefore that person could test positive but it would take an extreme dose , way higher than recommended amount. In a study, there were occasional false positives with the immunoassay tests, but when checked and run through the more expensive gas chromatography & mass spectrometry test, the results showed the subjects were actually under legal THC limits ( false positive).


To Sum Up…

So to answer the question with full transparency. You should not fail a drug test if you are consuming the suggested daily limits. However, if a test did come back positive and it is run under a more accurate GC/MS test, it would come back as a false positive. After this blog if you are still not warmed up to the idea of CBD, you can look for products that are CBD isolate (no trace amounts of THC) instead of broad spectrum. And most importantly, before you leave, PRō TIP: never consume a product that doesn’t have 3rd party testing and full transparency of what is really in the product.


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