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Caring for the Gut

We mistaken the “gut” for just the stomach, but it’s really your entire gastrointestinal system, from your mouth to your “where the sun don’t shine” 😉 And if you’re thinking it’s function is only to break down those healthy veggies and healthy size burritos, think again…literally THINK again! 

Q: How important is the gut?

A: Incredibly important, and not just because it breaks down the foods we eat.  Although that’s HUGE! The gut has bacteria and immune cells that ward off bad bacteria, viruses, toxins, fungi, think about all the stuff you eat and breath in, your gut is your first line of defense.  Next, it directly communicates with the brain, it can literally cause you to think, feel, experience a certain way. 

Q: What types of emotions could the gut make me feel?

A: Scientist call the gut “the second brain”.  You’ve heard the sayings “go with your gut” or “butterflies in your stomach”, that’s REAL.  There is a strong, deep connection between the two.  It’s an evolutionary response to, if you eat something bad, spoiled, or dangerous, the gut signals the brain to cause the muscles to contract and make you vomit.  But it’s also a place where anxiety and depression can be enhanced.   

Q: How can I care for the gut?

A: Stop beating it up!  We eat foods with sugar, wheat, gluten, processed ingredients – toxins, huge portions, and then we stress ourselves out (remember the gut-brain connection, it goes the other way too!), and the linings of the gut start breaking down, inflamed, angry, and they stop working well.  

Q: What are some simple things I can do?

A: Give your gut time to eat and rest.  Do not eat too much, so you’re not overloading the system, eat slowly and NOT standing up!  Be at peace when you’re enjoying your food.  Then give it time to rest, wait 4-5 hours between meals.  Leave it a “quarter tank full” at night, so that when you’re sleeping it can be in a reparative process.  Reduce those foods that can be inflammatory, wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol. 

Q: Any supplements you recommended?

A: For those having minor digestive issues, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes can be helpful.  Take a full spectrum Probiotic that has both Lacto and Bacilius strains, same with the enzymes, choose one that has 4-5 different ones.  For more sever issues, get a Microbiome Test, see if you’re missing a certain probiotic strain or if there is an infection.  Slippery Elm, Aloe Vera, and Glutamine 

Q: Any last words?

A: Weight gain, anxiety, lack of energy, skin conditions, brain fog, auto immune issues, allergies, these are just SOME of the issues, I CONSTANTLY see that is due to poor gut health.  When you can’t break down your foods properly, you don’t get any of the fuel you need to run on, repair with, LIVE!  If the gut is banged up, the signals to the brain are going to be all screwy.  You need to make the health of your gut a top priority at all times!