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Becky White-Steensma

Becky White-Steensma is a dedicated strength coach with nearly 20 years of experience transforming bodies. Her passion in helping others to achieve their physique goals came from overcoming her own struggles.

After giving birth to her son Becky found herself in a difficult place. She was struggling with relationships and with the weight she had put on from her pregnancy. After looking in the mirror one day, Becky decided she had had enough. She went to the drawing board and wrote herself a plan on how to overcome the difficulties she was facing by treating herself like she would a client. She made herself a training program, a nutrition program, set appointments, and kept those appointments. She made herself a priority.

The result was a remarkable transformation story she uses to spark her client’s transformations. Becky learned a lot about coaching on the road to her own transformation. She learned that a transformation and to be a PRō in life takes more than a training program and a nutrition program; She learned that it’s an attitude, a mindset, a decision, consistency, and trust that you are on the right path.