Did you know that sleep pills are the highest ranked prescribed drugs in America?

50 Million people report they have some sort of sleep disorder, and 46% of Americans report they take something to sleep. So let’s unpack why you can’t sleep….

THREE main reasons:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Nervous System
  3. Brain chemistry



If you’re into your health, you’ve heard this word chanted all the time.  Inflammation, or more importantly excess inflammation, it’s the petri dish of all disease and illness.  Think of excess inflammation as like a ranging fire, burning, destroying, irritating everything around it. 

Well, most of the time you think of inflammation happening when you have some sort of injury.  But there’s another inflammation, this inflammation happens when you eat certain foods and your hormones get all out of whack.  We won’t got into the science of it all now, but when you eat bread, pasta, rice, dessert…anything that has sugar and carbohydrates, it all flows into your blood and spikes your insulin levels. This is very irritating to the body.  This raging fire of inflammation creates chaos and disrupts all the processes to get you into sleep.  So you gotta find ways to lower that blood sugar and not kick off that insulin response.

PRō TIP: Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime!

2. Nervous System:


You’re wired.  Let’s face it, you want to go and go and go and shut it all off, like a switch, 5 min before bed.  Ahh, sorry, it doesn’t work like that!  You can’t take your body from 60 to ZERO that quick.  The technical term is a sympathetic nervous, also called fight or flight condition, to one that is parasympathetic- calm, chill, relax.  You have to figure out how to engage the parasympathetic.

PRō Tip: Disengage with your phone, email, and even tv up to an hour before bedtime

3. Brain Chemistry


This one gets totally overlooked. Every action in the body, voluntary, involuntary, metabolic, whatever, happens because messengers are sent from one cell to another.  These messages are nutrients, hormones, neurotransmitters, and if you don’t have them or enough of them, messages don’t get sent.  With sleep, there is a whole set of triggers.  You might have heard of one, when your eyes see darkness, a hormone Melatonin is triggered which sets off a cascading set of other hormones and functions to get you ready for sleep. But that’s just one, you need to make sure you’ve got ALL the right brain chemistry to send the message ALL the way through.   

Pro: Tip: Try to make your bedroom as dark as possible to allow for optimal production of natural melatonin 



If you control inflammation due to blood sugar and insulin rises at night, engage your parasympathetic nervous system, and have the proper brain chemistry, that will help to put your body into a deep state of rest and relaxation, that will slip you into this highly critical and metabolic activity of sleep.