The Three Main Reasons You Can’t Sleep

50 Million people report they have some sort of sleep disorder, and 46% of Americans report they take something to sleep. So let’s unpack why you can’t sleep….

THREE main reasons:


Inflammation, or more importantly excess inflammation, it’s the petri dish of all disease and illness.  Excess inflammation is like a raging fire- burning, destroying, and irritating everything around it. 

The most obvious form of inflammation happens when you have some sort of injury, however there’s another, less outwardly apparent, type of inflammation thats effecting your body’s ability to fall asleep. This inflammation is driven by diet, and occurs when you eat certain foods and your hormones balances are disrupted.  

We won’t got into the science of it all now, but when you eat bread, pasta, rice, dessert…anything that has sugar and carbohydrates, it flows into your blood and spikes your insulin levels. This is very irritating to the body, and the raging fire of inflammation creates chaos that disrupts the processes that get you into sleep. 

PRō TIP: Find ways to lower your blood sugar at night to avoid kicking off an insulin response, i.e. stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.

Ingredients that support a healthy inflammatory response: 


Cinnamon Bark

Nervous System

Let’s face it, you want to go and go and go and then shut it all off, like a switch, 5 min before bed.  Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that!  You can’t take your body from 60 to ZERO that quick. Point blank, you’re wired. 

The technical term for this is the sympathetic nervous, also called the fight or flight condition. Your body doesn’t know the difference between average daily stresses and immediate threat, so trying to get into a state of relaxation while the sympathetic nervous system is triggered is an uphill battle. 

To position your body for sleep, you have to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which inhibits the body from overworking and restoes the  body to a calm and composed state.

PRō Tip: Disengage with your phone, email, and even TV up to an hour before bedtime.

Ingredients that support calming the nervous system: 




Brain Chemistry

Every action in the body (voluntary, involuntary, metabolic, etc.) happens because messages are sent from one cell to another. The messengers are nutrients, hormones, and neurotransmitters, and if you don’t have enough of them, messages don’t get sent.  

With sleep, there is a whole set of messages that prepare your body for sleep. For instance, when your eyes see darkness, a hormone Melatonin is triggered which sets off a cascading set of other hormones and functions to relax the body. But that’s just one, you need to make sure you’ve got ALL the right brain chemistry to send the message ALL the way through.   

PRō TIP: Try to make your bedroom as dark as possible to allow for optimal production of natural melatonin.

Ingredients that support balanced brain chemistry: 



Valerian Root

The Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp Extract for Sleep 

In recent decades, scientists have discovered that Hemp Extract is one of the most calming and stress reducing nutrients in the hemp plant. Research published in 2019 looked at whether Hemp Extract could improve sleep or reduce anxiety. In the first month, 79.2% reported lower levels of anxiety and 66.7% reported better sleep.  Hemp Extract also has shown to support healthy sleep cycles, the natural signals your body uses to sleep and wake up. A study published in Journal of Clinical Pharmacology showed Hemp Extract to have “prompt and substantial reduction” in frequency of disorders of REM, your phase of restorative and regenerative sleep. 

Best PRōZE Product for Sleep 

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