we’re more than just cbd

It’s not just about the CBD. Or the Hemp, the Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, or Magnesium, it’s about all of them. Nature contains the most powerful energy source there will ever be, the Sun.

This energy has been the potent treatment to revive our health and the most powerful fuel to excel our performance. PRōZE does not just bring you CBD, we bring you all the energetic power of nature. Our formulas are perfected synergistic recipes. They carefully blend vitamins & minerals, herbs, spices, specialized plant extracts, essential oils, and other phyto-medicinals to create the exponential performance that only the combination of these 1,000’s of nutrients can provide.

“True health, vitality, and performance does not come from being close to nature but being nature.”

Sanjeev Javia | CEO + Formulator

20 ancient essential oils
90 phyto-medicinals
8 whole plant extracts
25 super antioxidants
62 vitamins + sea based minerals
+ phyto-cannabinoid rich CBD oil

stay in the know. be a prō.

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