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Meet the faces behind the formulas, the passionate minds driven by their professional experience to create from nature and bring you PRōZE

Sanjeev Javia

CEO + Product Formulator

Sanjeev Javia has an undergraduate degree from the University Of Michigan in Biology and Biopsychology and a graduate degree in Business Administration from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  In addition to these educational certifications he frequently attends continued educational courses focusing on dietary supplement formulation, sales and marketing strategy development, and corporate development at institutions such as Harvard University, Arizona State University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Southwest School of Naturopathic Medicine.  He has also completed his Aromatherapy, the medicinal use of essential oils, training at the Applied Aromatic Institute.

Sanjeev began his nutritional and wellness career by becoming a partner at XELR8 Inc, a nutritional supplement company founded in Denver.  The original business model was to develop a premier line of nutritional supplements exclusive to professional athletes and medical professionals.  Sanjeev was responsible for all research and development of products and athlete acquisition.  He developed 21 products at XELR8 which included energy and hydration drinks, protein powders, and an entire line of vitamins and minerals.  XERL8 had 800 professional and Olympic athletes using their products and they were in at least 28% of the professional sports teams training and recovery rooms.  XELR8 grew and then branched out from professional athletes and sold their products to retail channels such as GNC, High Health, and BodyBuilding.com, and Vitamin Cottage, and the network marketing channels.

After the sale of XERL8, Sanjeev was asked to develop a Nutrition Science Center for the prestigious sports medicine and orthopedic group, Steadman Hawkins Clinic, in Greenville, South Carolina. The center was part of the Musculoskeletal Health and Wellness Institute at the Greenville Hospital System.  At the Greenville Hospital System, Sanjeev assembled a team of nutritionist and performance coaches to compliment their 32 sports medicine an orthopedic surgeons and 45 physical therapists.  He did research in the areas of Diabetes, Obesity, AutoImmune Diseases, and Neurological disorders.  In addition to his research he further developed and headed the go to market strategy as President of a SpeedFlex Training, an exercise and therapy machine.  In Greenville he directed 2 Childhood Obesity studies, 1 Parkinson and MS study, and wrote 4 research grants to the U.S Department of Defense in traumatic brain injury and elite exercise performance/conditioning.

In 2010, Sanjeev founded Javia Wellness Group (JWG) in Scottsdale, AZ . Javia Wellness Group is a firm that is focused on bringing nutritional and wellness products and concepts to market for its clients.  Leveraging Sanjeev’s experience in  all critical areas of health and wellness, JWG is has been able to provide innovative solutions and ideas to those developing products or services in health related spaces.  JWG has been able to develop, formulate, research, assist in manufacturing and co-packaging, and design entire sales and marketing strategies for their clients.  With over 18 years of experience and the development of over 86 products in the performance, disease management, skin care, and popular areas such as weight management, JWG has provided turn key solutions.

Sanjeev is also a sought after educational and research international speaker and frequent guests on radio and television.   He is a continual speaker for the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and development groups such as Women’s Conversations. He also is a frequent guest on nutritional and wellness radio shows featuring Dr. Joel Wallach, Best Selling Author Jordan Rubin, and Nutritional Pharmacist Ben Fuchs.

Dr. Jim Silliman


Dr. Jim Silliman has had an extensive career in healthcare as a practicing physician, Medical Director, hospital and physician administrator, and business development leader.

A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Louisville Medical School, he completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and completed fellowships in sports medicine and knee surgery in Lake Tahoe, California, and shoulder surgery, Vail Colorado. Dr. Silliman was also a Professor and Program Director of the Orthopedic Residency Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Silliman served as the Executive Director of the Steadman Hawkins Sports 

Medicine Foundation in Vail, and Senior Associate at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic where he managed every aspect of the business for one of the leading orthopedic surgery organizations in the world. While at Steadman Hawkins he was part of a team of Physicians caring for the Denver Broncos Football and Rockies Baseball organizations. He also served five years as a Team Physician for the U.S. Ski Team.

Dr. Silliman served as the Program Medical Director of the Greenville Health System, currently Prisma Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the nation with 7 medical campuses, 15,000 employees, and 600 physicians. There he created the Musculoskeletal Health And Wellness Institute which included a team of 32 sports medicine physicians, 90 physical therapist, 12 performance coaches, over 50 athletic trainers and 10 nutritionist and dieticians. The center was the first of its kind pioneering in preventative and holistic medicine in the musculoskeletal practice of medicine.

He is also founder and past President of the Hawkins Research Foundation, one the premier sports medicine research centers in the world.

He also founded eMed Ventures, Inc., a venture capital firm that focused on emerging health care technologies that improved hospital and physician interaction and facility management and workflow.

The last several years, Dr. Silliman has focused much of his work in the field of personalized medicine. Developing technologies and lab outcomes in the areas of pharmacogenetics and infectious disease testing to create better outcomes for patients.

Dr. Silliman has served as a Chairman, Director and Advisor on numerous Boards of Directors. He is also a former member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Medical Association. Jim has given dozens of presentations in conferences and symposiums across America and has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed medical publications.

our mission statement

PRōZE exists to create a definitive pathway to optimal performance through the synergy of nature and nutrition.

We want to show that your path to optimal performance doesn’t have to be difficult to understand and navigate. We provide powerful products that combine the forces of nature and nutrition PLUS educational enlightenment to help your wellness journey be simple and sure, so you can achieve your highest potential.

The PRōZE philosophy is simple: you deserve to be a PRO, A PROFESSIONAL, in all you do.
Whether it’s at work, home, on the field, in your relationships, being a PROFESSIONAL means, you’ll optimize your talent and ability and strive, each day, to become the best version of you.

This is your life and it is defined by your performance.

PRōZE will meet you at your level of expectation. As you drive your performance, PRōZE will deliver the fuel.

Using the incredible energy of nature’s nutrients and the strict guidelines of clinical science, we’ll formulate the safest, most results-oriented products. We’ll make them easy and enjoyable to use, so they’ll become part of your daily ritual, your lifestyle. We’ll continue to develop the most relevant and detailed health and performance education to expertly guide you through your journey.

At PRōZE, PRO is not a designation, it’s a desire of performance.

Remove the confusion, create a clear and focused path, and deliver boundless energy. WE ARE PRōZE AND SO ARE YOU!


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